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Inspired @ Home

Staying Organized When You Work a Hybrid Schedule

By: Staff Published: November 15, 2023

Working a hybrid schedule gives you the best of both worlds – you can avoid the commute some days and interact with co-workers on others. But keeping track of everything when you’re shuttling between the office and home can present a challenge.

What can you do to help yourself stay organized (so you don’t forget essential items like your computer charging cord or your noise-canceling headphones)? We have four tips so you’ll always be prepared, no matter where you’re working.

Make a Checklist

Writing down the items you need to remember to take with you to and from the office can help you avoid having to turn around and go back home or do without something for the day.

Put pen to paper, type a note in your smartphone or hang a whiteboard in your home. We’ve created a handy itemized checklist to get you started.

packing a backpack

You’re more likely to remember to pack everything for the office if you have a checklist.

Adapt the checklist to suit the season and your changing needs. You’ll be grateful you have an updated inventory so you’re sure to be prepared for anything.

Have Designated Areas

After you have your list of work essentials, determine which ones you require at home, too, and which ones you can store until you’re headed into the office.

mudroom with built-in storage

If you have a built-in storage system in your mudroom, take over a drawer for your office supplies.

Then, decide on the best place to keep these items. You might have to clear off a shelf or empty a drawer in an existing piece of furniture or storage system.

You could also introduce a new organizational product, like a cube organizer, into your home. Purchase fabric drawers in different colors and devote one to your office-only items. It will stand out among the others and it’s portable so you can carry it to your desk to empty or fill it with supplies.

Pack a Bag

Depending on how much you need to bring to the office and your personal style, use a messenger bag or tote bag to transport your work gear to and from the office.

cube organizer

Place your work bag near the door you use to leave for the office so you’re less likely to forget it.

Pack it methodically, with specified places in your bag for each item. This way, you’ll know where everything is and you can quickly determine if something is missing.

Put your bag by your front door, back door or wherever you’re sure to see it before you leave for the office.

Stick to a Routine

If possible, go to the office on specific days of the week. A regular schedule not only helps you know when you’ll be where, but your family members and your coworkers will also appreciate it.

You’ll be able to arrange your personal appointments, lunch plans, work meetings and other activities based on whether you’re at home or in the office.

While working a hybrid schedule has its benefits, it also has its complications. By following our organizing tips, you’ll easily transition from home to office without missing a beat.

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