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Inspired @ Home

Get Organized for the School Day

By: Staff Published: September 6, 2021

It’s that time of year again. Whether in the classroom or at home, kids are going back to school and getting back into the routines of homework, practices and morning alarms. Before kids get any further into the new school year, take some time to organize your home for the school day so each one runs a little more smoothly.

In-person Learning

The largest sources of stress and frustration for many families during the school year are the morning rush out the door and the evening time, between homework, practices and dinner. Get ahead of the most challenging times of the day with simple organization upgrades.

First, re-examine your entryway. If the first thing your kids do when walking in the door is shed their jacket, backpack and shoes, create a system to contain the items. Be sure there is a shoe organizer with enough area for each child, hooks or a hang rod for jackets and a space to hold backpacks. Lunchboxes go right to the kitchen to be cleaned for quicker prep the following morning.

Entryway closet

A SuiteSymphony system in the entryway closet provides space for jackets, shoes and backpacks.

Next, establish a homework organization process. Start by defining a homework zone. Whether it’s the dining room table or a desk, make sure there’s a distraction-free spot for kids to focus on their homework.

Home office desk

A desk should be placed in a distraction-free, quiet environment.

To help prevent chaotic mornings, add a hanging organizer to your child’s closet for an easy way to plan outfits and ensure everything is clean at the start of the week. Designate a day of the week for each cube and keep shoes and accessories nearby to prevent last-minute searches on the way out the door.

Finally, establish a lunchbox system. Keep lunch boxes, thermoses and reusable water bottles in a lower cabinet so older kids can easily access them and prepare the food themselves.

Near the cabinet, designate a drawer for school-approved snacks that can be quickly added to the lunchbox. And finally, set up zones in the fridge for perishable drinks and food. Designated locations also make it easy to see when you’re running low on something.

Pull-out kitchen organizer

ClosetMaid’s Single Pull-Out Basket can serve as a catch-all for lunchbox supplies.

Taking a day at the start of the school year to implement simple organization updates can help prevent stressful mornings and messy evenings.

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Virtual Learning

Even though homeschooling or virtual learning usually comes with the benefit of no rushed mornings, organization around the house is still needed to ensure a successful school year. When all learning takes place in the home, it’s easy for supplies to take over every surface.

First, establish a dedicated work site or update your current space. In virtual learning, it’s important to create a distraction-free environment that allows for concentration. Set up a desk in a room or corner that’s removed from the constant traffic in the home and invest in noise-canceling headphones for your child.

Homeschool desk

ClosetMaid’s affordable Modular Desk seamlessly blends with any decor style.

Whether your child is studying in school or virtually, a filing system is a necessity to keep stray papers and supplies organized. A cube organizer works great because of its ability to accommodate bins with file folders, books, school supplies and a whiteboard perched on top. Use the whiteboard to plot out important dates or deadlines and color code the items by child. The whiteboard can also be used for math practice, creative time or instruction.

Cube organizer

This 12-Cube Organizer has plenty of storage space for papers, folders, school supplies and books.

A bonus feature for a virtual classroom is a separate reading nook. For many students, independent reading is a significant part of their week, so having a comfortable spot to read while changing their environment will help break up the day.

Whether your child is learning virtually or in-person, take the time to set them up for success and reduce stressful mornings by making these simple organization updates.

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