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Inspired @ Home

Five Ways to Create an Organized Desk Space

By: Staff Published: May 11, 2015

Clutter can truly influence the way you work, for the worse! If you find yourself too disorganized, everything competes for your attention and makes it hard to get things done at your desk. Here are some tips for keeping your desk at work (or home) in shape, so you’ll be more productive!

Find your trouble areas.

It can be hard to look at your desk space objectively and identify how cluttered it really is. A good idea is to take a picture of your desk, look at it when you’re home and get a different perspective of what it looks like (and how messy it is).

messy desk space

Get a more objective perspective of your desk area by taking a photo of it.

Create more space.

If you find that you honestly can’t throw things away, you might need some smarter storage options. Think vertically around your work space to utilize every inch of space you can.

office desk space

Build cabinets to hold supplies and files where they’re within reach but not cluttering your desktop.
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Establish work zones.

If you have a larger desk area, decide what kind of activity goes on in each area of your office. Most likely, you have your main space—where your computer is—a reference area, a supplies area and maybe a bookshelf or two. After establishing these zones, you can place everything where it belongs and have an organized and smart desk/office.

Use storage options that you like.

If it looks cute, you’re more likely to want it in your office! Find storage options that are cute and look good (and match your personality). Finding functional, affordable and cute storage is a win-win-win situation!

Straighten up daily.

At the end of each work day, take a few minutes to clear your desk and put things back where they belong. This way, when you come back the next day, your desk will be clutter-free and your mind can start the day off organized.

Shop cube storage

office room

Cube organizers and fabric drawers are an easy way to organize your workspace – and they come in a variety of colors and finishes so you can customize them to suit your style.

Some of us spend a ton of time at our desks, so why deal with clutter and disorganization? Stay productive and enjoy your desk space with the help of our list above.

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