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Inspired @ Home

Home Organization Trends for 2022

By: Staff Published: November 18, 2021

The garage is becoming a flex space in today’s homes.

The way we live in our homes has changed. Today, we expect our homes to do more than provide a roof over our heads and a place of respite. We want them to have a home office, a movie theater and a gym, too. The home organization trends for 2022 reflect these new wishes and needs. Read on for the highlights.

Making room

Surveying nearly 4,000 American homeowners, the America at Home Study found that the pandemic inspired changes in the home and garage, including reorganizing to allow for more storage and using existing rooms for more than one purpose (for example, a formal dining room that has also become a homework station).

Americans are asking for their garages to do more than just shelter their vehicles and store their stuff. These days and for years to come, garages will be extensions of the home and will take on other roles, from a work area to a workout area and even a place to groom the pets. To do that means clearing the floor from clutter and taking full advantage of the walls. Cabinets, shelves and hooks will help expand capacity so that the garage can do everything you desire it to do.

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A fully equipped, multipurpose garage is among the top homeowner wishes for 2022.

Another part of the home that will be essential in 2022, according to Pro Remodeler, is the mudroom. People custom building their new houses will likely request specifically designed areas for this purpose, while those renovating their existing homes will request an upgrade or creation of this space. Mudrooms won’t only be used for putting on and taking off outerwear, but many homeowners want a spot to hold packages and grocery deliveries.

The mudroom will evolve into a drop zone for packages and not just coats and shoes.

Adding spaces

Some homeowners are requiring rooms to do double duty and others seek devoted areas for a home office or entertainment room as a substitute for a corporate cubicle, cinema or sports bar.
Look for new home floor plans to incorporate spaces like these in 2022 and beyond. For ideas on how to furnish your entertainment or game room, read our blog post.

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) round out Pro Remodeler’s list of the five remodeling projects expected to boom in 2022. These additional, separate living quarters on the property of an existing home can serve as an in-law suite or short- or long-term rental, if your local laws and neighborhood ordinances allow these. To make these tiny houses livable and comfortable, you’ll need to get clever with organizational ideas. Read this blog post to find ways to maximize a tiny closet.

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