Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Closet

By: Staff Published: June 15, 2020

Does the thought of sharing a photo to Instagram of the inside of your bedroom closet make you cringe? It might be time to refresh your space.

If you dream of rows of neatly arranged handbags, tidy shelves of shoes and color-coordinated sections of clothes, you might be ready for a closet makeover.

ClosetMaid has had the pleasure of working with bloggers, television hosts, professional organizers and Instagram personalities over the years, where the transformations are inspiring, beautiful and beg for a social media showcase.

Each closet transformation has several factors in common, combining to create the perfect, Instagram-worthy closet, starting with the design process. No matter the current state or size of your closet, anyone can create an organized and picturesque space.

The Design

Before tackling an ambitious closet transformation, start with a vision of how the space will look.

An easy way to figure out the layout, accessories and products you’ll need is to enter your closet’s dimensions into ClosetMaid’s DIY Design Tool.

Once you’ve done that, you will receive multiple layout options to help narrow down the product selection choices and overall closet layout.

ClosetMaid design tool

A sample closet layout option using the ClosetMaid Design Tool

The Install

After removing your old closet system, take the time to fill in any holes, repaint the walls and update your lighting fixtures, if needed. Some DIY remodelers choose to use trendy wallpaper to freshen their room, creating a unique backdrop to their spaces.

reach-in wood closet

Blogger Daily Splendor used a modern, fresh wallpaper design to upgrade the look and feel of her closet.

Be sure to take photos of the ‘before’ closet, prep and installation processes to show the full transformation of your closet.

The Reveal

When installation is complete, lightly prop your closet with clothes, shoes and accessories before moving everything back into the space. This will help you snap the best pictures.

hallway closet

Blogger Room for Tuesday reveals her tidy hall closet, including clothing,several pairs of shoes and fabric bins.

Accessories like shoe organizers and hooks help control clutter and provide a functional solution to maintain the design of the closet.

To capture beautiful photos of your new closet, make sure the space is brightly lit. Use a photo editor if necessary to adjust the coloring or straighten the image.

When you’re ready to share the before and after photos, be sure to tag #myclosetmaid for a chance to have your images reshared on ClosetMaid’s social media.

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