Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Design Your Dream DIY Closet

By: Staff Published: July 6, 2022

Have you ever had closet envy? Or simply wished your bedroom closet storage better suited your needs? You don’t have to live without your dream closet anymore! ClosetMaid has an array of DIY wood organization systems that you can personalize to your exact specifications.


Shelves are standard in just about any closet but you don’t have to settle for the basic “plank-and-pole.” Most ClosetMaid wood systems are tower- or frame-based, meaning that a stack of shelves creates the core of the closet. Often there are two or three widths to choose from to fit the size of your closet and to hold anything from hats to folded clothing.

walk in closet

Many of our wood closet systems, including SuiteSymphony, have corner shelves to maximize every inch of available space.

Our Modular Closet system offers a Divided Multi-Compartment Unit that’s essentially made up of six cubbies. Each has its own removable shelf so you can pack a lot into a small area.

open closet

You can use the Modular Closet system’s cubbies for both storage and display.

Shoe Storage

Shoes can be the most challenging parts of your wardrobe to put away neatly. Do you leave them in their boxes and stack them up, potentially causing a toppling mess? Or do you set them all around the closet floor? Luckily, ClosetMaid wood systems’ shoe shelves can come to the rescue.

closet shoe storage

Stack BrightWood angled shoe shelves to hold your shoe collection and give a custom look to your DIY closet.

You’ll find these to purchase separately for SpaceCreations, SuiteSymphony and BrightWood systems. They’re also included in some of our SpaceCreations kits. Adjust the shelves’ placement for higher heels or tall boots.

The Modular Closet system has a shoe unit that has four shelves that can accommodate at least eight pairs of footwear – from sneakers to stilettos.


Create hidden storage in your closet by adding drawers to the system’s tower base. The width of your drawers will need to match the width of the tower but the depths can vary. Install a 5-inch-deep drawer for jewelry or unmentionables and a few 10-inch-deep drawers for bulkier items like jeans and sweaters.

white closet

Add drawers to your closet system for an efficient way to contain all your clothes.

Bonus: Depending on which collection you select, you may be able to choose your drawer front style and the handles so your closet reflects your personality and taste.


Protect (and maybe hide) some of your belongings behind closed doors. Like the drawers, the doors come in different styles for a few of the systems, such as SuiteSymphony.

The Modular Closet system’s glass doors let you give a sneak peek at what you’re storing while still shielding everything from dust and must.

open style white closet

The Modular Closet system has glass doors and open-air drawers, providing a lighter look.


When designing your dream closet, don’t forget the finishing touches! They’re like the last pieces you put on that make your outfit sing.

Wire baskets and tie and belt racks can contain your accessories – from clutches and scarves to neckwear and sashes.

open drawer in brown closet

A drawer divider prevents items from getting buried under a pile.

Turn to drawer dividers and shelf dividers to make the most of existing space. They’ll keep your things separated yet together for easy access.

Now that you’ve seen your many options, creating your perfect custom ClosetMaid closet can be within your reach.

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