Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

A Luxury Boutique-Inspired Closet Makeover with J’adore Lexie Couture

By: Staff Published: May 12, 2020

A fashion blogger transformed her closet into a boutique-like showroom.

Lexie Pyfrom, the design hand behind the J’adore Lexie Couture blog, has an affinity for all things glamour, beauty and design. In her own home remodel journey, some of the spaces in most need of a makeover were her two master bedroom walk-in closets.

The two almost identical closets were equipped with basic wire closet systems that lacked the functional organization Lexie needed to showcase her beautiful clothes and accessories.

Before: This is one of Lexie’s master bedroom closets prior to the makeover.

“The closets before feature an L-shaped wire rack and a basic pole for the clothing,” said Lexie. “Most of the time, I would find that any clothing I would hang on the shorter end of the rack would just fall off to the floor. And the purses that I would put on the top rack would also constantly fall to the floor. It was just so frustrating and after nearly two years it had to change.”

After browsing her options for a closet system upgrade, she came across the perfect solution for her — ClosetMaid’s SpaceCreations line. It had the customization options, a clean white finish and a high-end look to complete the luxury boutique inspiration she had in mind.

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During the design phase of the closet makeover, Lexie finalized her product choice, accessories and frame layout.

“One of my favorite options in SpaceCreations was the corner tower,” said Lexie. “The corners of both of my closets before the makeover were a complete waste of space. They couldn’t store or fit anything. The new design would allow me to convert one corner into a large shelving system which would also allow me to fit a numerous amount of bags or anything else that would be similar in size.”

Once she identified the product line that would best suit her new closet, Lexie measured her closets, supplied her closet dimensions to ClosetMaid (you can get your free professional design by filling out this form), chose the accessories she wanted and finalized the designs. Soon after, her two closets were on the way to her Virginia home.

Over a two-week period, Lexie and her husband assembled the two closets, which included shoe shelving, open shelving to display her accessories, hang space and drawers. The final product gave Lexie the space and organization she needed to properly store her clothes and accessories.

After: Lexie’s new closet resembles a luxury boutique.

Lexie chose a variety of hang rods, shoe shelving, drawers and open shelving to store her designer clothes.

“I’m excited to walk into these closets whereas before I kind of dreaded it,” said Lexie. “It just didn’t look good at all. And with this closet system, all of my pretties are displayed beautifully in a way that I can easily see them and access them.”

Read more about Lexie’s experience with ClosetMaid and see all of her closet photos on the J’adore Lexie Couture blog.

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