Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Behind the Closet Doors of a Dream Master Closet Makeover

By: Staff Published: March 22, 2021

Like many others across the country, Meaghan Murphy has been organizing spaces around her home since the pandemic first began in early 2020.

A source of clutter and lacking sufficient organizational systems, her master closet was a priority to tackle during the extra time at home. The walk-in closet, while spacious, needed restructuring in order to properly store Meaghan’s shoes, jewelry and handbags – and still have room for her colorful wardrobe.

Before the closet makeover, Meaghan’s wardrobe spilled out onto the floor.

When discussing the initial design, Meaghan debated between the white and gray closet systems for her updated space. Ultimately, she opted for ClosetMaid’s SpaceCreations in Cool Gray for the farmhouse style it resembles.

Meaghan chose SpaceCreations for the high-quality material, ability to customize and for the corner tower units which allowed her to maximize her space.

The corner tower allowed Meaghan to maximize every inch of her space.

Her new closet offers a mix of hang spaces, shaker-style drawers and shoe shelves to beautifully showcase her clothes and accessories.

Meaghan used extra space on her shoe shelves to display handbags and wallets.

To inject a pop of color and personality, Meaghan hung wallpaper on the closet ceiling, perfectly complementing the gray of the closet system.

Wallpaper on the ceiling adds an extra layer of customization to Meaghan’s dream closet.

Meaghan completed the closet makeover with jewelry organizers and storage containers.

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