Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Tips to Creating a Beautiful Bedroom Closet

By: Staff Published: November 29, 2022

For some of us, our bedroom closet merely serves as a storage area for our clothing. For others, it’s an opportunity to showcase our design personality and create a luxurious retreat where getting dressed is a pleasure. If you fall into the latter camp, this blog post is for you. We’ll walk you through the decorative (and functional) elements – from lighting to flooring – that will elevate your closet to a new level.


Lighting in your closet may seem like an afterthought. Usually, a standard ceiling fixture provides basic illumination. It’s serviceable enough but you probably want more than that.

Depending on the size and layout, your closet might accommodate a chandelier and task or accent lighting. Besides adding elegance, these light sources can also offer convenience.

If you get ready in the morning before your partner, having a light in the closet can mean not having to turn on a lamp in the bedroom.

Do you have a built-in vanity area? Lighting around the mirror will help when you’re putting on makeup. Tape lighting under the cabinets is a subtle way to brighten even a reach-in closet.

walk-in wood closet

An ornate chandelier adds pizzazz to a modern-looking closet system.


Why not let your closet walls talk? There’s no reason that your bedroom walls should have all the fun.

Before you install a new storage system, paint the walls a color that complements or contrasts with your bedroom walls.

reach-in wire closet

Make a reach-in closet pop by painting it in a lighter paint color than the bedroom.

An alternative to paint is wallpaper. The peel-and-stick type available today can be customized to suit your taste and it’s often removable – making it renter-friendly, too.

Regardless of which wall treatment you go with, focus on playfulness and maybe go a little outside your comfort zone. Think of your closet walls like the lining of a coat – they’re a little surprise mostly meant for your enjoyment!

How to remove a closet system


Just like floors change the look and feel of other areas in your home, they have an impact in the bedroom closet. While your closet’s flooring could be a continuation of what’s outside, feel free to change it up.

If it’s in your budget and your desires, consider laying down hardwood or luxury vinyl plank in the closet. It’s easier to keep clean than carpet and is less likely to retain any musty odors.

Already have hard-surface flooring in the closet? Lucky you! Throw a rug on top for a pop of color, not to mention warmth and aesthetic interest.

walk-in closet with rug

A graphic rug can inject an artistic element into your closet.


Having a spot to sit and put on or take off shoes can improve your closet’s usability instantly. Because floor space in a closet is often at a premium, you’ll want to make it as efficient as possible. One way to do just that is by choosing seating that has built-in storage.

shoe storage ottoman

Rotate your shoes so you can select a pair at a glance.

A 3-cube bench can house a few pairs of your most-worn shoes. No more hunting for your favorite footwear when you’re running late!

Need more capacity? ClosetMaid’s Revolution storage ottoman holds a dozen sneakers, ankle boots, sandals – you name it (except knee-high boots!).

Shop the Revolution storage ottoman


Once you’ve decorated your closet like a high-end boutique, perhaps you don’t want to hide it. But if you prefer not to look at it all the time (or you want to make it into a sanctuary), you might want a way to close it off.

While traditional bifold doors or a standard panel door will likely suffice, don’t be afraid to choose something with more panache. After all, you’ll see the door (or curtain) whenever it’s shut.

A few unique options include a vintage door, a barn door or a beaded curtain for a retro look.

reach-in closet with barn door

Match your closet door to the interior of your bedroom.

Closet System

Do you already love your closet system? Great! You’re all set to dress it up with the above accessories and design elements.

Not feeling your current setup? Before you become overwhelmed, browse ClosetMaid’s selection of wire kits and wood systems to narrow down your choices and create your perfect bedroom closet.

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