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Inspired @ Home

Create a Dressing Room Closet

By: Staff Published: August 23, 2023

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a dressing room of your own. All you need is some space and a few key pieces to give yourself the star treatment.


First, select your dressing room’s location. Ideally, it will be in your bedroom. Alternatively, you can build your closet adjacent to your bedroom, in a converted spare room or bonus area. Aim for at least one window, a door and ample floor space.

walk-in closet system

Design your dressing room closet with a variety of storage options – from drawers and shelves to double- and single-hang rods.

ClosetMaid has several wood closet systems that would make an ideal dressing room. DIY options include SpaceCreations, SuiteSymphony, BrightWood and Style+. If you have the budget and prefer a professionally installed system, take a look at MasterSuite.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, use our free and low-cost online design tools to lay out your closet.

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Then make it truly yours by adding accessories to suit your wardrobe and lifestyle. Do you wear a lot of scarves or belts? Install a tie and belt rack for easy access. Are you known for your fabulous footwear? Build shoe storage into your closet design or add freestanding racks. If your signature look always includes a standout necklace, ring or brooch, give your jewelry a home in your dressing room. Showcase favorite pieces prominently and stow others in jewelry trays.

jewelry trays

Jewelry trays nestle neatly inside drawers and hold everything from rings to strings of pearls.

For a truly luxurious space, add an island. It will give you more folding storage space, as well as an opportunity to display your beautiful perfume bottles, favorite handbags or your outfit for the next day.


While it serves the same basic functions as a closet, a dressing room is, by definition, a room. So, it needs furniture to feel complete.

The two essential items involve helping you finish getting dressed and confirming that you look your best.

Every comfortable dressing room should have a place to sit. It could be a bench, an ottoman or a window seat, as long as you can use it to put on or take off your shoes.

What’s the point of a dressing room if you don’t emerge from it confidently? A full-length mirror – ideally a three-way one – will be your most honest judge. Mount it to the wall or choose a standing mirror that can be moved as needed.

walk-in closet with floor mirror

A floor mirror fits in almost any space and can adjust to position to check all your angles.

Combine seating and a mirror to create a vanity for putting on makeup and jewelry, if you have the room.


Now that the necessities have been selected, it’s time for the finishing touches.

Inject some color and maybe even a sense of whimsy with wall treatments. Perhaps a bold paint job will achieve your vision. Or a fun wallpaper could be the better choice. Whichever you opt for, remember to be true to yourself. After all, it’s your personal sanctuary.

white walk-in dressing room closet

A can of paint and a glamorous light fixture make a strong statement.

Your lighting has to serve multiple purposes, from illuminating the space to complementing your style. Depending on the size of your dressing room, you might need more than one light fixture. Consult with an expert at your local lighting store and listen to your electrician’s advice as well.

By following these tips, you can indulge in a glam space all your own.

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