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Your Top Professional Design Services Questions Answered

By: Staff Published: October 24, 2019

Did you know that ClosetMaid offers a low-cost professional design service? We are here to help you create your ideal storage space that looks beautiful and functions well. Our design team has answered several of our most common questions about the process, from what they need to get started on your design to how to find a professional installer.

Question: How can I get help designing my storage system?

Answer: Our team of Designers will be happy to assist you. Just go to our website and under the Design tab you will see Professional Design. Click the Get Started link and follow the steps to sign up. For a small fee of $5 USD, customers will be given two design options and one free redesign. You will be provided with 3D colored drawings, wall sections and a shopping/parts list with images.

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Measure your space’s dimensions – length of each wall and the height – before submitting your design request.

Q: I have more than one area that I would like to have designed. Do I have to submit a design request for each one individually?

A: Yes, the design request submitted online is good for one area only. Each space should have one request submitted online.

Q: Do you only provide designs for closets?

A: No! You can request designs for storage in closets, garages, laundry rooms, mudrooms and more.

Q: What information do you need to complete my design?

A: Here is the information needed by our designers to work on your design:

  1. Dimensions of each wall
  2. Height of ceiling (if uneven height, sketch is required, especially if sloping)
  3. If sloping ceiling, need the highest point and lowest point of ceiling (This can be shown in the sketch.)
  4. Obstacles such as windows, access, switches, moldings, etc. (exact position and dimensions)
  5. Storage requirements (long hang, short hang, drawers, shelves, shoes, etc.)
  6. Material preference

SSym Walk-in Straight New WHT Unpropped_resized

When submitting a design request, remember to include details like the location and size of windows in the space.

Q: Can someone go to my house to measure, then create a design for me?

A: We do not provide this kind of service, but we have Authorized Installing Dealers available that can complete your project for you. Our dealers can do a visit in your home, work with you on a design and do the installation as well. Contact us to find an Authorized Dealer in your area.

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Q: I submitted a request and payment online, when do I receive my designs?

A: The Professional Design Service turnaround time is within four business days upon receipt of complete requirements and dimensions. The completed designs will be sent to the registered email address of the design request submitted online.

Note: During peaks of design request, the four-day turnaround may be extended depending on the volume.

Q: It’s been more than two or four days but I still have not received the design I requested. Why not?

A: Possible reasons why you have not yet received your designs:

  1. We are still waiting for the closet dimensions to start your design. We make sure to follow up twice on needed dimensions.
  2. Our team sent an email with a few questions about your requirements, obstacles or dimensions but we have not received your response yet.
  3. Your email address could have been spelled incorrectly in your initial request.
  4. We did not receive your design request. It might be possible that the request was not finished up through the payment stage.
  5. Check your spam/junk folder. Make sure to add our email address to your safe sender list.

You may send an email to our design team.


Q: I need to request a redesign. How do I proceed?

A: Please go to the customer design page (this is the link where you viewed your design). There is a “Request Redesign” field available that you can use to submit a redesign. You can also send an email to our design team for your required changes. Your first redesign is free of charge.

reach-in wire closet system

Our designers take into account your storage needs and material preference when designing your storage space.

Q: Store representatives cannot identify the item numbers in the parts list. What should I do?

A: You might have received a design with the ClosetMaid generic item numbers listed and you will need item numbers converted to retail store SKU numbers. You may send an email to the design team. Please take note that design layout may change if there will be change of product line due to product exclusivity.


Consumer Line: 1-800-874-0008 (Mon.-Fri. 9am to 5pm EST)

Q: I signed up online for a design but I changed my mind. Can I cancel the design request?

A: Yes, you can cancel your design request if requested. No refund is needed because consumers are not charged until their designs are completed.

Q: I would like to speak to a designer. Where can I contact them?

A: Our designers do not have direct lines. Please send an email to our design team for your design-related concerns or you can chat with us through the contact us page on our website. If there is a need to discuss over the phone with a designer, please leave your name and contact number and we will have a designer to call you once available.

Q: After I receive my design, what is the next step?

A: Once you are satisfied with the design suggested by our design team, you can start purchasing the items. You may refer to your parts/shopping list to check the items you need to buy. Where to buy the product depends on the product line used in your design. Some product lines are exclusive to a store. Feel free to contact our design team or our consumer line if you have questions.

Q: I had your design team create a design for me. I have purchased everything but I need someone to install it for me. Do you offer this service?

A: ClosetMaid does not provide installation since our retail products are Do It Yourself items. While we do not render this service, we recommend you contact JEZ Enterprises if you need help in installation. You can call them at 1-877-242-0758.

If you have specific questions that weren’t answered here, email us at or call 1-800-874-0008.

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