Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat

By: Staff Published: June 7, 2023

Treating yourself to a day at the spa might seem like a luxury but you can turn your own bathroom into a retreat without the high expense. We’ve concocted your recipe for a relaxing haven that you can enjoy anytime. Simply layer our three ingredients – organization, design and aromatherapy – and start soothing yourself.


Your bathroom won’t feel serene if you see clutter everywhere you look. Making sure all your essentials have a dedicated place will not only bring you peace but it will also enable you to prepare for your rituals more easily. No more hunting for your favorite bath bomb or oils! You’ll know exactly where to find them.

If you have a linen closet in your bathroom, install a wire shelving system like ShelfTrack to store everything from plush towels to a bath pillow.

linen closet shelving

Stash all your spa supplies behind a curtained closet.

No closet? Don’t sweat it. Use storage pieces. ClosetMaid’s bamboo cabinets and shelves lend a natural, spa-inspired feel to your bathroom. Hang your luxurious robe from a hook, display a plant, hide your washcloths – our bamboo storage products can take care of all your wants and needs.

bamboo cabinet

Bamboo storage furniture like this corner cabinet add to your bathroom’s ambience.

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The style of your bathroom can affect how it makes you feel. From the color of the walls to the selection of accessories, every choice has an impact on your mood.

“A warm white color like Blank Canvas is a timeless color that provides a clean backdrop and helps a small room feel larger and more open,” said Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color & Creative Services at Behr Paint.

painted bathroom wall

A single stripe adds a pop of color behind the sink. Photo courtesy of Behr: Smokey Pink N150-2

“A light pastel color like Smokey Pink can bring a fresh, updated look to a bathroom space,” added Woelfel. “You can use it to highlight the wall over a sink or behind a bathtub to create a focal point.”

bathroom cabinets

Built-in cabinets and a standalone vanity painted in the same color tie the bathroom together. Photo courtesy of Behr: Dark Everglade HDC-CL-21A

“Dark or bold colors in a bathroom can create drama and excitement. Green provides a relaxed sense of natural sanctuary and helps bring a sense of the outdoors inside. Use greens on walls or cabinetry for maximum impact,” said Woelfel.

Besides paint, other details like the bath mat (bamboo is a good choice), a bathtub tray and dimmable light fixtures go a long way to bringing a lush experience into your home. Relaxing music can further enhance your meditative vibe.


If you’ve ever been in a spa, you know they practically have signature scents. And you might feel instantly calmer just by inhaling them.

Re-creating this effect in your personal oasis isn’t difficult or expensive. Simply lighting a candle or two could do the trick. The key is choosing the right aromatherapy formulas for you.

Popular fragrances include eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and lemon. Each has its own properties so your bathroom will not only smell good but also improve your mood. Eucalyptus relieves mental tiredness. Lavender promotes tranquility. Peppermint reduces pain. Lemon soothes anxiety. Test these in your home to see which ones give you the results you want.

lavender bottle and loofah brush

Lavender is renowned for its ability to reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

You can incorporate the scents into the bathroom in multiple ways. Diffuse the essential oils with reed or electric diffusers, put them on your body with scented scrubs or lotions, or place drops of essential oils directly on your hand towels.

By following our easy recipe of organization, design and aromatherapy, you’ll have a spa-like bathroom to enjoy for years to come.

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