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Inspired @ Home

Creating a Happy Home with Blogger Chelsea Foy

By: Staff Published: May 2, 2023

Blogger Chelsea Foy believes in the importance of discovering your brand of happiness and achieving it. She not only covers these and other lifestyle topics on her blog, Lovely Indeed, but she also has written a book to help everyone live a joyful life.

We asked her to share with us details about her inspiration, philosophy and tips. Read our interview below.

What inspired you to write “The Happy Home: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home that Brings You Joy?”

There are so many beautiful home decor and DIY books out there, but what I really wanted to do with “The Happy Home” was to take it one step deeper and examine the relationship we have with our spaces. Our homes are extensions of us, and they play a huge part in our day-to-day. So as opposed to being a prescriptive book that tells the reader exactly what to do, it’s more a choose-your-own-adventure book that helps you examine your home, what it needs, and the things that you love – and then finds the meeting of all of those things.

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You cover six joyful qualities in the book. What are they and why did you choose them?

One of my favorite things about “The Happy Home” is that the chapters are organized by these qualities! If you want to encourage feelings of comfort in your home, then chapter 4 is for you. If you want to pump up the energy, try chapter 3.

The other qualities I cover are calm, empowerment, self-expression and uplifting feelings. I chose these specifically because they’re each very joyful qualities, but in very different ways. The joy that you can derive from creating a calm space to land at the end of the day feels very different from the type of joy you create in an energized, vibrant space! But both of those feelings are incredibly valuable. And the book has ideas, prompts and tricks to help you find your way to those qualities in your own home.

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Why do you think creating joy is so important today?

I’ve always thought that joy is everywhere, hiding in everyday moments, just waiting to be discovered. But there’s an element of action to it, and we have to take action to find it, create it and revel in it. Joy is everywhere! Sometimes we become so bogged down in daily checklists and busy lives that we completely forget to find the joy. And when we can tune back into that joy, especially in our homes, it makes everything better. It makes your days feel easier and your load seem lighter.

What brings you the most joy in your home?

Truthfully, I find the most joy in my own home tucked in very simple moments or things. I love the peace I feel when the house is tidy, with fresh flowers on the counter and music playing. But I also love the wild joy that I witness in my kids when they’ve pulled all of the cushions off of the couch and made a crazy fort. I think the key to all of it is presence and intention. When we create a home with intention, that supports our needs and our desires, you can’t help but feel the joy around you.

What types of projects are outlined in your book? Can anyone do them?

The projects in “The Happy Home” are meant for everyone! They’re organized into three categories: Quick Tricks, Afternoon Projects and Big Ideas. If you’re new to DIY, start with a Quick Trick while you build your skills, and move on to some of the bigger projects as you gain confidence. One thing that was very important to me was to make sure that there’s something for everyone, from longtime homeowners to college dorm dwellers. You can customize and adjust almost every project in the book to suit your needs. Each chapter also begins with some journal or thought prompts, to get you thinking about your home in a very creative way. You might discover a few things that you didn’t realize about your space!

Can you share an example of an organization project or tip from your book?

One section that I absolutely love is a thorough how-to on clearing clutter. It’s got checklists for each area of the home, and a guide for clearing things out. I know more than a few folks who have a tough time getting rid of clutter! So, I’ve simplified the process with a Keep, Donate or Toss guide. If you’re like me and get attached to sentimental items or get overwhelmed while you’re trying to clear out a space, the guide walks you through how to categorize an item. Sometimes you just need a little boost of confidence and understanding while you’re trying to wrangle things!

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How else can people get advice from you?

“The Happy Home” is an extension of my blog, Lovely Indeed, where I share all kinds of ideas and tricks for finding joy in the everyday. You can find me at or on Instagram @lovelyindeed. You can expect family ideas, doable DIY, home inspiration, travel ideas and lots and lots of color.

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