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Inspired @ Home

Five Easy Ways to Maximize Your Cabinet Space

By: Staff Published: December 27, 2021

We’re all guilty of it…we toss things in our cabinets to clear off the counters, which only serves to make for a hidden mess. Not only that, but you can’t keep track of what you already have and what you’re running out of. Or you can’t find that missing pot lid amongst the jumble.

Organizing your cabinets, whether they’re in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or utility room, doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We’ve put together a list of five easy ways to arrange your cabinets and keep them tidy.

1. Take inventory

Empty your cabinets and take note of what’s in them. You’ll probably find expired foods, duplicate items or maybe even items you no longer use or remember what they are. Throw out or donate whatever you don’t want anymore. You might also discover things that don’t belong in the cabinet where you found them.

Once you’ve determined what will go back into your cabinet, you’ll be prepared for the next step: what storage tools you need.

2. Contain the clutter

Perhaps the most important rule of thumb when organizing your cabinets is minimizing the clutter. A few simple methods to keep everything contained:

  • Invest in clear jars to hold necessities that usually come in bags, like cotton balls and flour. You’ll save space and be able to see how much you have left.
  • Place a basket inside your cabinet to house loose items. This accomplishes two goals at once – preventing items from spilling out of the cabinet and allowing you the opportunity to transport the basket onto the counter or into another room if need be.
  • Sometimes it’s better to keep items in their boxes. If you don’t have enough space in your cabinet to stand tall boxes like cereal, lay them on their sides and stack them.

A wire basket in a bathroom cabinet can hold all your bathing needs and be carried to the tub with ease.

A wire basket in a bathroom cabinet can hold all your bathing needs and be carried to the tub with ease.

3. Think vertically

The majority of the time, we neglect to take advantage of the cubic space in our cabinets. Said more plainly, we’re vertically challenged when it comes to storage planning. Look for products that allow you to go high, such as an under-shelf storage bin and a small basket that hangs on a shelf.

Add a vertical storage system to your cabinet to corral your things and expand your capacity.

Another option is a two-tiered organizer that doubles the usable room in any cabinet. Each basket pulls out independently.

4. Go deep

The back of the cabinet is where things get lost and forgotten. You often can’t reach what’s there, let alone see it.

Our solution? A pull-out organizer that you can install with just a few screws. They glide in and out smoothly and come in a variety of widths, finishes and number of tiers – from one to three.

Laundry time will be that much more manageable with a pull-out cabinet organizer that lets you get to all your needs, from dryer balls to scrub brushes.

5. Use the doors

Don’t limit yourself to the floor of your cabinets for storage space. The back of the door is prime real estate and easily accessible.

By mounting a multi-tiered rack, you can expand your cabinet’s capacity. Plus, grabbing what you need when you’re cooking, crafting or moisturizing is a snap.

Hang a rack on the inside of your cabinet door to store spices or other small jars that contain anything from crafting supplies to creams to nails and screws.

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