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Inspired @ Home

Storage Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

By: Staff Published: November 27, 2023

We all know that giving is better than receiving, but coming up with the perfect present sometimes causes stress. Take a deep breath because we’ve curated gift ideas for anyone on your holiday list.

The Accessorizer

You know that loved one who always looks put together? They might not need another piece of jewelry or accessory, but perhaps a way to organize everything would be in order.

jewelry trays

This set of jewelry trays can fit into a 25-inch closet drawer or sit on top of a dresser or counter.

A few suggestions: jewelry trays, a tie and belt rack (it works with scarves and long necklaces too!) or a wire basket for clutches and other small handbags. Any of these will make completing an outfit a snap.

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Bonus idea: Include a piece of jewelry or another accessory with your organizational gift.

The Entertainer

The host with the most could still use an item or two to help the next gathering to go more smoothly.

If your entertaining friend loves to cook or bake, a spice rack or a cabinet organizer may be the perfect gift. They’ll give easy access to seasonings and small appliances, respectively. No more stress about where to find key ingredients while whipping up a gourmet feast or a chocolate souffle!

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Do you have someone on your list who would rather have people over for charcuterie and drinks? A wine rack – either a countertop one or one that sits on the floor – will serve them for years to come.

bamboo wine rack

Give your favorite host this freestanding wine rack that holds 28 bottles of wine.

Bonus idea: Prefill the rack with a bottle of wine or two.

The Reader

E-books may be more convenient, but nothing beats a beautiful novel or leather-bound volume for an avid reader. For that person on your list, show your thoughtfulness by giving a place to display beloved books.


A tall bookcase holds books and other decorative objects, such as vases and small sculptures.

A traditional bookcase will suit your reader who has the space and the taste to match. If your loved one has a more modern style (and maybe less room), consider a wire book shelf kit.

Bonus ideas: Include a special edition of a favorite book or a gift card to a bookstore.

The Gardener

Who on your list loves digging in the dirt and making things grow? Help them keep all their gardening supplies and tools organized this holiday.

garage storage

A slatwall like this one can adapt to hold anything – from seed packets to a rake.

Slatwalls are simple to install (and to wrap!), so your green-thumbed loved one will have a neat and tidy workspace in no time. For a more substantial gift, a garage cabinet stores bags of potting soil and mulch along with smaller gardening essentials.

Bonus idea: Put a hand tool in their stocking or in the garage cabinet.

The Cyclist

Whether your special someone is a leisurely rider, a mountain biker or a competitive cyclist, they need a spot to stow their bike – or bikes – and related gear.

bike rack

This bike stand accommodates up to three bikes, and its four hooks can house helmets, bike locks and other equipment.

A bike stand or a hanging bike rack will keep their bicycles upright and ready for their next ride. Both also have room to store related gear so your cyclist can take a quick spin at a moment’s notice.

Bonus idea: Stuff their stocking with a pair of cycling socks or a bike bell.


Anybody – no matter their interest – can use more storage products. Fabric drawers come in an array of colors and patterns, and they can hold toys, crafting supplies, notebooks or just about anything that can fit inside. Plus, there’s no assembly or installation required.

fabric drawer

A fabric drawer is an affordable gift that anyone can use.

Bonus idea: Use a fabric drawer in place of a gift bag or box, so you’re giving two gifts in one! Just stuff it with colorful tissue paper and stick a bow on the outside.

This year, treat the people on your holiday list with the gift of organization. And don’t forget yourself! Make your own wish list on our website.

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