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Inspired @ Home

How to Create a Gift-Wrapping Station

By: Staff Published: December 3, 2019

The holidays bring family gatherings, festivities and, for many of us, lots of presents…most of which have to be wrapped. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated room for gift-wrapping, your supplies are probably spread throughout the house. Make it easier on yourself and create a gift-wrapping station this year. We’ve compiled a few simple ways to gather everything in one place and present the prettiest gifts!

Make It Portable

Cost-effective fabric drawers are a great solution for organizing your wrapping supplies, from tape and bows to gift bags and tissue paper. You can store the fabric drawers in a closet or the attic until it’s time to prepare presents.

green box container

Store smaller items like bows, gift tags, gift bags and tissue in a portable fabric drawer.

If you have larger items or more of them, easily transport everything in a four-tier rolling cart that can double as a year-round storage container. Use each tier for different types of supplies or for different occasions, like birthdays and weddings.

Take Advantage of Existing Space

Add a storage cabinet or two to a bonus room, your home office or craft area just to hold your gift-wrapping supplies.

Depending on how tidy you are and if you have young kids with curious hands, choose either an open cabinet with cubbies for fabric drawers or a cabinet with doors where you can stash your supplies out of sight and out of reach.

white standing shelf

Versatile cabinets can hold gift wrapping supplies, including greeting cards, and be an attractive addition to any room.

Shop cube storage

Build Special Storage

If you have the space and the budget, install organizational products to hold all that you need to impress your gift recipients, including a variety of papers, ribbons and other embellishments.

craft room with wire closet

Add shelving to an existing closet space to house all your wrapping necessities.

Of course, regardless of which storage option works best for you, you’ll need a large, flat surface to do the gift wrapping. Although traditionally used in playrooms, our activity table has an oversized top that’s ideal for rolling out paper to make pretty packages, as well as cubbies where you can stow small supplies.

We hope you’ll find gift wrapping more fun and efficient this year with these suggestions. Share your stations with us on social media.

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