Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Six Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

By: Staff Published: February 28, 2022

Capitalize on every inch of storage you have.

Small spaces can pose a challenge when you have a lot to store or you just want to be super organized. If you’re in a studio apartment, a tiny house or simply have a pint-sized room or two, read on for ways to tidy up almost every area in your home.


Even a reach-in closet can contain and display all your clothing and accessories. One of the main keys to achieving this? Use the back of the door!

With the help of a rack that slips over the top of the door, you can hang your belts, scarves and similar items so that they’re easy to access. The best part is that there’s no tools required. Just take it with you when you move!


A bathroom counter can become cluttered quickly, especially if you own a lot of beauty products. Or maybe you don’t even have a counter, only a pedestal sink. Not to worry! Install a corner organizer or two to hold your necessities.

Keep your counter clutter-free with the help of a shelf or two.

If possible, purchase products in pretty bottles so you can decorate the bathroom while keeping your toiletries handy.

Living Room

Are you a maximalist with a minimal amount of space? You can still show off your style and your favorite objects. Stack ShelfTrack bookshelves on the wall so it can serve as a gallery and bookcase.

Turn your walls into a backdrop for your most treasured art and memorabilia.


Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a dedicated kitchen pantry. So, what do you do with all your jars, cans and other bulky food containers? A wall and door rack will save you from having to stash your pasta sauce, soups and sparkling water in the garage, oven or another inconvenient place. Choose the one that’s the best size for your available space and for what you need it to contain.

An eight-tier wall rack can create an instant pantry in almost any kitchen.

Laundry Room

When your laundry room is more of a laundry closet, you must get creative to maximize your storage. The wall above your washer and dryer makes for an ideal spot to house detergents, clothes pins, dryer balls and other washday essentials.

In your laundry area, put up a wire shelf with a built-in spot to hang your newly ironed clothes.


A devoted foyer or mudroom is a luxury for a lot of us but we still need to have someplace to drop our keys and sunglasses when we walk in the house. Again, the wall is your friend here, especially if your floor space is limited.

A mini cube organizer with bins is an easy way to introduce a drop zone into the smallest of entries.

Did you sense a theme running through these organization ideas? They’re all designed to hang on a wall (or the back of a door) to take full advantage of the vertical spaces that often sit idle and empty. Put them to work for you when you’re short on storage!

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