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Inspired @ Home

Downsizing 101

By: Staff Published: September 16, 2022

Moving into a smaller home has its perks – less to clean, lower energy bills, less clutter. If the last benefit on that list is more of a challenge for you, we can help! Read on for our tips on how to make downsizing easier and maybe even a pleasure.

1. Before you haul all your belongings to your new residence, go through each room’s contents.

We know it’s tempting to toss everything from a drawer into a moving box. That will only cause problems and stress when you get to your next place. Do your future self a favor and sort it all prior to the big move.

Schedule an hour or two per room over the course of a week to give yourself enough time to examine each item and decide its fate. Make sure to factor in any lifestyle changes that may come with your relocation. If you’re going to a warmer climate, for instance, you might need only one jacket and one coat and you can ditch those snow boots.

2. Collect all the items you’re keeping and put them in labeled boxes.

Now that you know what’s making the move, devote a container for each category of things. It could be by room or type.

Not only will this help you unpack at your destination, but it will also give you an idea of where to store everything. You might even discover that you have duplicates or that you should whittle down your chosen items more. Lastly, it will assist you in downsizing step three – storage.

Box your belongings according to where they’ll live in your new house or by what they are, like towels. Featured product: Folding hand truck

3. Decide what kinds of storage systems or products you’ll need.

Consider both your possessions and the limitations of your smaller residence.

Are you a collector of books or figurines you want to display? Line a wall with bookshelves to exhibit your favorite pieces.

Did you have a linen closet in your former home? Take advantage of every cubic inch of your cabinetry in your new place with pull-out organizers.

Strategically placed furnishings, like a Mixed Material 9 Cube, can do double duty as a place to stow and show.

4. Create new habits.

A new home is an opportunity to improve your daily routines and try out different ways of doing things.

Perhaps you always used to take off your shoes in the garage or mudroom, but now you’re living in a condo. Add a bench or storage ottoman inside the front door so you can remove and put on your footwear.

If you’re recently retired, you’re definitely in the market for other changes. Think about how you envision your new life playing out and remember to streamline any necessary chores so you can fully embrace retirement.

A pantry can be efficient even if it’s in a narrow space. Think about reducing the footprint of your groceries by removing them from their packaging and putting them in sleeker containers.

5. Enjoy your cozier home!

The most important step of downsizing is to love it! Savor the freedom it affords you and the comfort a smaller space can naturally bring.

Oftentimes families that move into a home with less square footage find it brings them closer together emotionally as well as physically.

If it’s just you and your spouse or you alone, you can relish in the reduced maintenance and more time that can be spent in each other’s company.

That being said, a huge lifestyle change can be a bit of a struggle. Allow yourself an adjustment period and try to focus on the positive aspects of your move. You will reap the rewards and soon wonder what took you so long to take the leap!

Storage furniture in the living room adds places to put items without taking up much visual space.

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