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Kids’ Room Ideas for Every Age

By: Staff Published: January 5, 2024

New clothes, new toys, new interests – so many things change as children grow. And don’t forget their storage needs! We have you covered there. Read on for our kids’ room ideas for every age, from infant to tween to teen.


Decorating your baby’s first room is a joyous event filled with adorable artwork and bedding. But you also have to think about the room’s many functions: bedroom, changing room, clothing storage space, playroom – to name a few. To fit all of these into one space requires thoughtful organization and furnishings.

Besides a crib and a chair (for nursing and rocking the baby to sleep), you’ll probably want a changing table in the room for late-night diaper duty. You might also incorporate a dresser to hold folded items. One alternative: a closet system with drawers and shelves. That way, everything’s in one compact area, leaving the floor open for a baby gym, play mat or other things an active infant needs.

nursery room

A customized, built-in SpaceCreations closet system maximizes a nursery’s storage capacity.

Fabric drawers are another option. Use them to contain smaller necessities such as baby wipes, diaper cream and diapers themselves. Bonuses: They inject color into the room and separate toys from onesies.

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Child’s Bedroom

When they’ve outgrown their nursery but they’re not quite at the tween stage, how do you keep their room from becoming a perpetual pigsty?

First, consider what your school-age kid has the most of. Is it books, stuffed animals, board games or clothes? The answer will determine the type of storage that will best solve your clutter problem.

kid's bedroom storage bin

An angled bin gives kids easy access to their favorite toys and games.

Now that you’re armed with that information, you can set up the room for its greatest chance of success. Let your young readers choose their own books and put them back where they belong with a vertical or horizontal storage shelf. For kids who love dolls, cars and stuffies, a toy chest will make post-playtime clean-up quicker and give kids some independence. Does your child enjoy dress-up? Our storage locker has hooks for hanging costumes, hats or capes.

Having the proper organizational products is half the battle to achieving a neat kid’s room. Setting realistic expectations for your child makes up the other half. Read these four tips from a Harvard University expert to encourage tidiness.

Tween’s Bedroom

No longer a little one but not quite a teenager, your tween needs a bedroom that can adapt to their quickly changing hobbies and their even more quickly growing body.

Furnishings can go a long way to creating a retreat-like room that your tween can make their own. A loft-style bed frees up valuable floor space – plus, it’s fun! Now there’s room for a desk for homework or gaming. Or go with a bunk bed for sleepovers.

If your kid is into sports, build in storage for balls, bats and other equipment you’re willing to keep inside the house. Leave wall space for any artwork they create or shelving to display their trophies and collectible figures they’re proud of.

wire closet in kid's bedroom

The adjustable ShelfTrack system allows you to modify your tween’s closet as their clothing sizes and preferences evolve.

Any parent knows that getting your tween to do much of anything they don’t want to do is next to impossible. Don’t lose hope when it comes to cleaning their room, though. Give them incentives that will appeal to them, like an extra hour of screen time or a pizza night.

Also, you can further improve the likelihood with a good organization system. Designated drawers or fabric bins for each type of item, from socks to electronics, can help straightening up go faster – and it will help getting ready in the morning go smoother, too.

Teen’s Bedroom

As your child turns into a young adult, they need the freedom to explore all the possibilities.

Rearrange or replace the closet so that it can accommodate a variety of clothing – from formalwear to sports uniforms. If your teen is a sneakerhead, install shelving or a case to exhibit their collection. Does your teen like to play with makeup? Set up a vanity in a well-lit part of the room.

teen's closet

For a versatile, DIY closet system, choose one like SuiteSymphony. It has multiple drawer sizes and doors, as well as finish and design options.

Also plan for other activities to happen – like studying, gaming and hanging out with friends. Collaborate with your teen on what to include for these scenarios. Have your teen create a Pinterest board or a wish list on our site to give you some ideas. Then, you can work together to create the room of their dreams.

At every stage of your child’s life, having a space of their own will help their development and self-expression and will teach them responsibility. Use our kids’ room ideas to guide you to designing and organizing their best room.

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