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Inspired @ Home

The Perfect Kids’ Playroom

By: Staff Published: April 4, 2023

Toys litter the floor. Picture books are strewn everywhere. Your kid is crying because she can’t find her favorite plushie. Practically every parent feels your pain. But you don’t have to keep struggling. The perfect kids’ playroom is within reach, even if your home measures on the smaller side.

With the proper storage products, your spare room can serve double or even triple duty – as play space, guest quarters and home office. Follow our simple steps to playroom bliss.

Clear the Area

The first item on any reorganizing checklist is cleaning. Go through the intended playroom location and purge anything that’s not working for you anymore. We’re talking about toys your kids have outgrown, dated furnishings, stained rugs – whatever won’t suit your new space.

Determine the Multipurposes

What else does your playroom need to be? Will your out-of-town family and friends use it as their retreat? Think about their sleeping arrangements. A pull-out sofa requires floor space in front of it, so plan accordingly.

playroom with sleeper sofa

Add a sleeper sofa or futon to your playroom to accommodate overnight visitors.

If it will act as your occasional home office, you can devote more space to the kids but carefully consider the placement of your desk. You’ll probably want to avoid a background of toys and children’s artwork.

Choose Storage Pieces

Keeping the floor space clear for activities or that convertible sofa bed is crucial for a functional playroom. Any storage pieces you pick should be mobile or flush to the wall.

toy chest with wheels

A wheeled toy chest lets kids bring their favorite plushies anywhere in the room – and makes cleanup easier.

Another factor in your storage products selection is what kinds of items you have. Your kids’ interests and ages likely will play a part in this decision.

Are your kids avid readers? A horizontal storage shelf will display their favorite books and allow easy access. Do your little ones love to draw? A toy chest with a built-in chalkboard offers an erasable canvas for whenever creativity strikes! For kids who love to dress up, try a storage locker that has hooks to hang all those tutus, capes and hats.

These are just a few options to help you furnish and organize your perfect playroom. Look at the layout of your space and how much you need to stow away to make your final decisions on what pieces will work best for you.

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Decorate the Walls

No playroom is complete without some artwork to inject some whimsy and perhaps inspiration.

Go with a theme – like animals or storybook characters – or unify everything with a similar color.

art in kids' playroom

Don’t be afraid to have fun curating the artwork in your playroom.

If your kids are artistic, why not showcase their own creations on the walls? Frame them and hang them on the wall. Alternatively, prop them up on a shelf so you can swap them out for newer pieces on a regular basis.

By following these steps and tips, you’ll not only create your perfect playroom for now but you’ll find it can adapt to your changing needs as the kids grow.

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