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Inspired @ Home

How to Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom into a Teen Retreat

By: Staff Published: July 6, 2020

Is it time to transform your child’s bedroom from a kid’s space to a teen’s retreat? Some sure signs that change is in order: he never spends time there like he used to; she hates the color or the décor theme; she can’t hang up her dresses in the closet because they’re too long.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues – or your teen has asked for a bedroom makeover – don’t worry. You can make a lot of fun and necessary updates without dipping into the college fund.

Paint and Redecorate

Changing the color of the walls makes a big impact for minimal cost and effort. And it’s something your teen can help you do or possibly even do without your help.

To make the room a cohesive and attractive place, coordinate the bedding and other accessories with the new color scheme. You can also use this redecorating project as an opportunity to teach a life lesson. Give your child a budget and let her browse online to choose her new décor.

Repainting can instantly make a bedroom go from a kid’s room to a young teen’s cool hangout.

Make Space

A teen’s needs are different from a kid’s. Your teen probably uses his room to do his homework, play video games and hang out with friends. Not to mention the closet storage requirements will have changed, too. This all means you’ll probably want to rearrange the layout, add new furniture, like a desk and chair for study sessions, and redo the closet to accommodate new clothing and accessories.

Plenty of drawer space and shelving gives a teen several storage options so he can hide his unfolded laundry or display his favorite shoes. Pictured: SpaceCreations in Cool Gray

If your kid’s room already has an adaptable closet organizer system like ShelfTrack adjustable hardware, then you can shift shelves and hang rods to new positions fairly easily, as well as install accessories like wire bins and drawers. Alternatively, consider replacing the existing closet with an entirely new system, such as SpaceCreations or SuiteSymphony, that can serve your teen as she grows and may add value to your home in the long run.

A sophisticated desk that doesn’t take up too much space is perfect for your teen’s homework station in her bedroom.

Shop storage furniture

Create separate areas for studying, entertaining friends and relaxing by placing new furniture in the room. If money is limited and you and your teen like doing craft projects, shop local thrift stores for items you can refinish or reupholster. Rather assemble something that’s brand new? Try storage furniture that includes desks, bookcases, cube organizers and cabinets.

However the transformation turns out, be sure to have input from your teen throughout the process on what he or she needs, wants, likes and dislikes so that the room is one that will be loved and enjoyed for the next few years.

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