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Inspired @ Home

Kids’ Organization for Summer Activities

By: Staff Published: May 22, 2024

If you have young children, summer can be hectic. Whether they’re going to sleepaway camp, day camp or spending time at home, getting the kids organized for their activities will make everyone’s lives more fun and relaxing. We have some tips to help you get started.

Figure out What You Need

If the kids are headed to a camp, you’ve probably gotten a supplies list. For ones who are staying home for the summer, you might want to create your own list. Maybe it will contain art supplies or sports equipment or books. Either way, a shopping trip or an online order will likely be required to supplement any hand-me-downs.

Once you’ve purchased the new items, gather them along with the things you already had. This is especially important for those going to camp. With everything in one spot, you can make sure the kids are totally prepared for their adventure.

Designate a Storage Place

If possible, set aside an area where all supplies will go. It could be a section of the mudroom or entryway where the kids can grab their things before heading out to camp or another summer activity. Ideally, each child will have an assigned spot.

storage for games

Stow puzzles, craft supplies and other fun activities in storage units like these Modular Closet kits.

Kids staying home for the summer? Put their favorite toys, books and games somewhere that they can easily access. This way, they’ll be able to keep themselves occupied and perhaps even straighten up after themselves.

Do Laundry

Many of summer’s most fun activities get kids – and their clothes – dirty. So, your washer and dryer will be extra busy for the next couple of months!

laundry hamper

Use a divided hamper to separate the filthy clothes from the less dirty ones.

You’ll want to pretreat any clothing that’s fallen victim to some of the most common stain culprits – grass and mud. Find four home remedies for tackling grass stains, from baking soda to rubbing alcohol, on For muddy clothes, first let the item dry. Then, start the removal process. Here are a few tips to not only clean the stain but get rid of the smell, too.

To avoid mildew, remind the kids to unpack their wet bathing suits as soon as they get home from swim lessons or other water activities.

With these summer organization tips, you and your kids will be able to enjoy the season to its fullest.

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