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Inspired @ Home

Vacation Preparation Tips

By: Staff Published: May 9, 2024

Anyone who has gone on a trip, especially with kids, knows how stressful preparing for vacation can be. You have to make sure everyone has what they’ll need while you’re traveling and get the house (and maybe the pets) ready for your absence. Avoid at least some of your worries by following our checklist.

Do It Yourself

Most vacation prep can be done on your own. We won’t cover selecting your itinerary but we do suggest you check out your destination(s) to help you decide what to bring. Look at the weather forecast a few days before you’re leaving on your trip so you can be properly dressed for inclement weather or unexpected hotter or cooler temperatures. Are you going abroad? Familiarize yourself with any dress codes, if it’s a location you’ve never visited before. Also, you might need adapters for your electronic devices.

reach-in closet

Pull out your suitcase and remove any old airport stickers.

Often, the days before a big trip are chaotic. You’re trying to finish work projects and perhaps preparing your home for house sitters. Amongst all that, you have to actually pack. Alleviate some of the stress by creating a list for yourself and, possibly, your travel companions. While you likely can purchase some necessities on your trip, some, like a passport, are must-haves.

trunk organizer

A fabric bin is a perfect trunk organizer for road trips with the family.

Whether you’re trying to limit yourself to a carry-on or you want to leave room for souvenirs, you’ll want to maximize your suitcase’s capacity. Take advantage of every inch of space and organize your items with packing cubes. If you’re driving to your destination, a trunk organizer corrals road-trip essentials.

Knowing you have everything you need can bring you peace of mind and will let you look forward to your time away.

Enlist Some Help

If you’re going on a quick trip or you don’t have any pets, you might not need anyone’s assistance. But chances are you will. At the least, make sure a friend or trusted neighbor has a key to your home in the case of an emergency.

Going on an extended vacation? Consider hiring a house sitter who will bring in your mail, do light housework, water your plants and tend to your pets. You may want to contact the post office to temporarily stop delivery of your mail. Also think about informing your bank about your travel plans to prevent any erroneous fraud alerts due to unusual activity.

built-in mudroom storage

Show your pet sitter where to find essential items, like toys, treats and leashes.

Leaving your pets behind? Depending on how much attention they require, you could ask a friend to stop by daily, hire a pet sitter or arrange for boarding. Remember to provide any medications and special instructions to whoever will be looking after your furry family member.

Planning ahead will let you relax and enjoy your vacation – and perhaps you’ll even have less to take care of when you get home.

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