Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Inspiration from Designer Chip Wade’s Georgia Mountain Retreat

By: Staff Published: March 27, 2023

The latest collaboration between ClosetMaid and television host, producer, craftsman and designer Chip Wade is in a vacation home situated in the mountains of north Georgia. The property’s natural surroundings and wide open spaces inspired the exterior and the interior – from paint colors and textiles to the layout of the closet systems.

We asked Wade to share the thoughts behind his vision for the home and advice for designing your own storage spaces.

The Vacation Home

Known as Pinhoti Peak, the property is a 4,800-square-foot “modern mountain” house that can sleep up to 16 people. Its multiple kitchens and suites make it an ideal retreat for single families or groups.

“I wanted a linear, clean-line design that fit into the mountainside while taking advantage of the idealistic view from every single room,” Wade says of the overall design.

bathroom in mountain home

Even the bathrooms have stunning vistas. Photo credit: Wade Works Creative

He also used the latest in building materials and construction processes to help achieve his goal of an extremely low-maintenance property.

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The Closets

Wade opted for our SpaceCreations line in Bright White with Casual Drawers to fit with the home’s overall streamlined aesthetic.

He also chose it for its mix-and-match adaptability. “All the different flexible accessories/shelves and layouts allowed me to use modularity in a custom format,” he says.

small reach-in closet

This petite closet has shoe racks, open shelving and drawers in two different sizes, plus both long-hang and short-hang rods. Photo credit: Wade Works Creative

Wade left all the closets in the home out in the open to fulfill a couple of purposes: to remove unnecessary walls and for the guests’ convenience.

open closet

Open shelving and an open closet give the room an airier feel. Photo credit: Wade Works Creative

“Maximizing access to the closet is as important as the size of the closet,” Wade says.

If you’re planning to redo your own closets, he suggests culling your existing closet first. This will enable you to see how much hanging and drawer space you need before designing a new one.

He also recommends getting as much drawer storage space into the closet and out of the bedroom. “This gives more functionality and frees up the bedroom for more circulation,” Wade says.

That’s exactly how he treated the closets in Pinhoti Peak.

closet with drawers

Built-in drawers in the closet system mean less furniture crowding the bedroom. Photo credit: Wade Works Creative

To maintain a clean look, though, Wade offers some key tips. First, match the closet system finish and the room trim for a uniform vibe. Second, style the shelves very simply and don’t go overboard with the knickknacks.

Lastly, where you place the closet in the room makes a world of difference. “Keeping the closet system in a nook or alcove still gives it the feeling of intentionality,” he advises.

Whether you’re building a brand-new vacation home or converting a spare room into a guest bedroom, you can take inspiration from Chip Wade’s Pinhoti Peak creative closets.

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