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Inspired @ Home

TV Host and Designer Chip Wade’s Vacation Home Closet

By: Staff Published: November 15, 2019

ClosetMaid recently teamed up with television host, producer, craftsman and designer Chip Wade and his wife, Pauli, on a master closet makeover in their latest renovation project, a Georgia lake house called Misty Mill. The couple chose SpaceCreations in Cool Gray. We asked Chip to share advice with us on designing and installing a closet in a small space.

Question: What’s your favorite part of your new closet?

Answer: I love its matching complete look and the assortment of storage accessories.

Q: When designing your closet, was there anything that was non-negotiable (e.g., tons of shoe storage, drawers, etc.)?

A: Plenty of surfaces and shelves and, of course, ample hanging spaces, as well as the right amount of drawers to perfectly fit my needs.

Wade included shelves, drawers and hanging space in the closet design to serve multiple storage needs.
Photo Credit: Wade Works Creative

Q: How did you configure the layout to accommodate both of your needs?

A: I focused on only doing built-in storage on two of the four walls. I split out functions down the middle so we both have great access to the storage areas.

Q:What was your first consideration when designing the closet?

A: Convenience coupled with a classic look.

Q: How do vacation home closets differ from full-time home closets in terms of storage needs?

A: Flex storage is key. Keeping more open volumes rather than too many drawers and hidden areas for flexibility quickly and seeing what you have.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who’s also redesigning their master closet in an older home? Did you have to build a new closet from scratch or did you adapt an existing closet?

A: I slightly expanded the existing closet, but access and circulation are as important as square footage. Focus on shelf space, not necessarily how big the closet room is. Long shallow closets can be even more convenient.

Consider functionality and accessibility when laying out your storage space.
Photo Credit: Wade Works Creative

Q: If someone is planning to install a SpaceCreations system themselves, what should they keep in mind?

A: It is such a dynamic system that keeping the spaces designed to even dimensions allow for the modular system to really feel built in.

You can take a virtual tour of the closet and the entire house on the dedicated website.

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