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Indoor/Outdoor Living: How to Organize Your Mudroom and Decorate Your Patio

By: Staff Published: August 9, 2019

As we’re living outside more, patios and decks become a prime place for entertaining family and friends or just relaxing after a hard day of work. Chances are your outdoor space could use a little sprucing up, and your mudroom needs organization help.

We’ve teamed up another one of The AMES Companies brands, Southern Patio, for guidance on selecting the best planters, while we offer tips on setting up a mudroom to keep your home tidy.

Mudroom Organization

How you primarily use your patio and backyard will help determine the best way to set up your mudroom.

Do you cook out and throw parties?

Install cabinetry with drawers and shelves to house your melamine plates, pitchers, grilling tools and other necessities for backyard barbecues. You might also want to create storage for cleaning supplies like outdoor brooms.

Accessorize your mudroom with shelves, drawers, hooks and doors to contain utensils, plates and other necessities for an outdoor meal.

Is your deck or patio mainly a retreat for you to read, drink a glass or wine or watch the sunset?

You probably only need a shoe organizer and a set of hooks to hang your jacket when the nights get cooler.

Sometimes, all your entryway requires is an area to store your shoes and to hang your jackets.

Are your kids and pets active and likely to track dirt and grass?

Running, tackling, tumbling and playing ball in the yard can expend a lot of pent-up energy – and also generate a mess! Stop it from coming too far into your house with a well organized mudroom. Hooks, shelves and wire baskets for everyone, including the dog, can encourage even the kids to put their things away.

A mudroom setup like this one has a dedicated cubby for every member of the family.

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Patio Decorating

Your outdoor décor might include patio furniture that pops with bold colors or simple accessories with an old-fashioned/rustic feeling. A strategically placed container garden or two will add focal points that either complement or contrast with your outdoor design. Whether adding to a small nook on your patio or your front entrance, consider these factors when choosing the right planters for your outdoor settings.

Shopping for planters through sites such as Amazon, The Home Depot and Wayfair will allow you to view a bigger assortment while a store will allow you to see the product before making a purchase.

No matter if you decide to fill your online or in-store cart, there is a variety of planter sizes to accommodate your space. Large containers (12” diameter or more) on a small patio can be overwhelming, so go for a deck rail planter or a window box to save room. However, if you have a more expansive patio, choose larger planters to fill out the area.

At 15” tall and 20.5” in diameter, Southern Patio’s large Westlake planter can hold multiple plants and flowers.

When choosing a shape or type of planter to purchase, keep in mind where the container garden will be placed. Urn planters look appealing when paired together on a front porch with tall plants while shallow planter bowls are excellent centerpieces on a patio table when filled with succulents, cacti or herbs.

The material of the planter might also be an important factor in your purchase decision. A pot constructed of ceramic is ideal sitting on a table where it won’t be affected by foot traffic or rocks. A resin-based planter is lightweight and easy to move indoors and outdoors, depending on the season. If you want a planter that can withstand multiple seasons of gardening, select one with heavy-duty construction and UV-protected finish, like Southern Patio’s CMX® – based Colony Square planter.

Many planters also come with added features that make container gardening a little easier. For instance, Southern Patio’s ceramic Mayer pot has a pre-drilled hole for drainage and a built-in saucer that holds water overflow.

Tabletop planters serve as centerpieces and bring dimension to your deck or patio. This pot from Southern Patio is easy to use with its drainage hole and matching saucer.

Whatever the size, shape or construction you choose for your outdoor container garden, be sure to match plants according to their needs. Group shade-loving plants (think Creeping Jenny, Impatiens, and Begonias) together. Sun-loving plants such as Pentas, Petunias and certain types of daisies go well together in a bright spot.

Enjoy your indoor and outdoor space with these organizational and decorating tips! Have any other suggestions? Share them with us below or tag us on social media.

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