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Caring for and Displaying Indoor Plants

By: Staff Published: February 1, 2021

The weather might be chilly but your green thumb doesn’t have to wither during the winter months. An indoor garden can consist of just a couple of plants or an entire greenhouse-worth if you have the room and inclination.

Learn the basics of how to tend to your houseplants and the best ways to show them off.

Caring for Your Plants

Besides their beautiful appearance, indoor plants offer health benefits – from stress reduction to allergy relief. And, caring for them can be therapeutic, too.

If you’re just setting out on your indoor gardening venture, start with species that are easier to keep alive. Want leafy greenery? Opt for an asparagus fern, English ivy or a philodendron. Looking for a pop of color? Try a phalaenopsis orchid, flowering succulent kalanchoe or a purple shamrock.

garage shelving with plants

Set up a potting area in your garage so that you can make a mess outside of your home but safe from the weather.
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All these plants are known for their hardiness, their ability to adapt and being low maintenance. You’ll still want to follow their particular preferences regarding the amount of direct (or indirect) light, water level, potting soil type and temperature range. Usually, your plant will come with instructions, or you can ask at the nursery or home improvement store for tips. The clerks should know what works best for your climate and latitude.

Displaying Your Plants

Where you place your plants depends on several factors: how much and what type of sunlight they need, how large or small they are, where they’ll look best in your room, to name a few. These all have to come together so your plants will thrive and you will enjoy them for years.

organized room design

Balanced placement of your houseplants adds to your room’s harmonious feel.
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The planters you select matter, too. Besides looking for planters that are pretty and suit your color scheme, you should also focus on the features. Southern Patio suggests choosing indoor planters that have pre-drilled holes to allow excess water to escape. Also, self-watering planters allow the roots to access a reservoir of water when the plant gets thirsty.

shelf with colored books

Coordinate your plants with your decor by choosing a pot that works with your room’s color palette.
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With careful consideration of the best ones for your climate, skill level and layout of your house, you can benefit from the beauty and health perks of houseplants throughout the year.

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