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Inspired @ Home

How to Organize a Multipurpose Room

By: Staff Published: May 10, 2021

Some rooms or areas in our homes have designated uses – like the bathroom or kitchen – but others need to serve us in a few different ways. You might have a bonus space, a guest bedroom, a den or even a freestanding shed that can become a multipurpose or flexible room.

These spaces are a blessing to have but organizing and decorating them can be tricky. We’ve put together four ways to make your multipurpose room more functional.

Use Multifunctional and Adaptable Furniture

When floor space is at a premium, your furniture needs to serve at least a few different functions. A bench with built-in cubbies can hold anything from shoes to books for a den or bonus room. If you’re using a spare room as a guest bedroom and an office, invest in a sofa bed or a sturdy but attractive daybed.

bench with cube storage

Seating that also houses storage, whether a cube bench or an ottoman with a lid, maximizes space in a multipurpose room.

Card tables, folding chairs and other furniture that can be collapsed and stowed in a closet and tables that can convert from a game table to a dining table also work well in multi-use areas.

Get the Most out of Walls and Doors

Don’t forget to utilize vertical space, especially in a room where there’s limited square footage or where you need the floor to be uncluttered – in a home gym, for instance.

Mounting shelves on walls creates extra storage for necessities or decorative objects.

Shop shelving

laundry room with wire shelves

Hang shelving in a flex area, like a laundry/mudroom.

Use the back of a door to put up a wall-and-door rack or a hanging shoe organizer. This way, you can hide your more unsightly items but still have easy access to them.

Choose Attractive Storage Cubes

Using storage cubes is a quick and versatile solution to organize items such as books, records, houseplants, art and office supplies while also maintaining a decorative style.

The cubes are also ideal for storing away seasonal shoes, accessories or anything that’s not used on a day-to-day basis.

cube storage

Cube storage is a versatile option for stowing anything from games to blankets.

Take Advantage of Corners

In a room that has to do many jobs, you have to employ every inch of space you possibly can. Don’t neglect the corners! Place an L-shaped desk in an office or playroom/home school area. Choose a corner shelf unit or bookcase to fill in this underused space in a media room, study or other room that likely has at least two functions.

home office cabinets

Corner desks and vertical cabinets with shelves, drawers and cubbies increase the usable space in a room.

You can make a multipurpose room both functional and attractive by incorporating some or all of these decorating and storage ideas into your design scheme.

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