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Inspired @ Home

Wide-ranging Wire: Organize Your Home with Wire Storage Products

By: Staff Published: March 10, 2023

Versatile and economical, wire storage products can organize almost every space in your home – from the bathroom to the garage. Discover all the ways wire will improve your life.


Wire is ideal for use in the most humid room in your home, the bathroom. Its ventilation allows your items to breathe, and it won’t rust.

If you have a linen closet, install wire shelving to fit the space. No dedicated area for storage? Opt for wire accessories that will take advantage of every spare square inch of your cabinets or even the back of the door. Some are even renter-friendly, like baskets and racks.

wall and door rack

Hang an eight-tier rack on the back of your bathroom door to give easy access to extra toilet paper rolls, soaps, cleaning supplies and more.

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Laundry Room

We all expect a lot from our laundry rooms, regardless of their size. Ideally, they’ll have space for folding clothes, hanging freshly dried items and maybe even a sink for hand-washing. At the very least, we need to be able to reach all our laundry necessities easily. Look to wire storage products to meet a few of these requests.

Wire shelving fits into nearly any room and often multitasks, with storage above and a hang rod below. Specialty storage includes an ironing board caddy that slips over the top of a door.

laundry room shelf

A simple fixed-mount wire shelf elevates a laundry area to a multipurpose storage area.

Kitchen Pantry

Cans, canisters, small appliances, sodas – you name it, and your pantry probably has to house it.

Our Close Mesh shelving is the perfect solution for creating kitchen storage. Its deck wires are spaced just ⅝ inches apart, so you don’t have to worry about bottles and jars tipping over.

Kitchens without separate pantry areas can still benefit from wire storage products, such as door racks, cabinet organizers and spice racks.

wire shelves in kitchen pantry

With a wire shelving system in the kitchen, everything has its place for easy baking, cooking or snacking.

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Bedroom Closet

Of course any whole-home organization round-up has to contain a bedroom closet.

Our ShelfTrack system is a perfect choice for a kid’s bedroom because it can be adjusted and added to as your child grows. But grown-ups benefit from it, too. Just ask blogger Meagan, known as The Montana Modern on Instagram. She upgraded her bedroom closet recently using ShelfTrack.

“I love how the standards/brackets allow the shelves and hang rods to move and change configuration as your needs evolve,” she says. “It was simple to install and gave us so much more space to utilize.”

bedroom closet with wire shelving

Meagan made her new closet her own with an accent wall and hang rods exactly where she needed them.

Not only does ShelfTrack’s hardware system enable you to move the hang rods up and down as you wish, but it also can integrate wire accessories like drawer kits and belt racks – customizing your closet to suit your wardrobe.


Perhaps the messiest space in your home, the garage could likely use the most help from wire storage products.

Our heavy-duty shelving can hold up to 100 pounds per linear foot, so you don’t have to fear putting your lawn equipment and sports gear high up off the garage floor. You’ll have a tidy place to park your car, host your home gym or build out a workshop in no time.

garage shelves

Arrange shelving on a wall – or walls – to store all those items that find their way into your garage.

Wire storage products feel at home just about anywhere you can think of. Show us which rooms you’re using wire in. Tag us in your social posts with #MyClosetMaid.

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