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Inspired @ Home

5 Popular Trends for the Future of Home Building and Design

By: Staff Published: March 1, 2022

2022 is here, along with a whole new iteration of home design trends!

ClosetMaid recently exhibited at the annual NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando, Florida. Fresh from the energetic exhibition floors of the show, here are five trends our team noticed that exemplify the latest and greatest the home/building industry has to offer.

office space with black cabinet

ClosetMaid products enhance design and maximize space in every room.

Trend 1: Maximizing Space With Creative Storage

The clever design of storage space was a common theme throughout IBS. In lounge rooms, small coolers were camouflaged as cabinetry, kitchen islands offered an arrangement of storage space, and bedroom bookshelves hid pull-down beds.

While storage has always been a part of home design, it has become more prevalent in recent years as people have spent more time in their homes.

When it comes to maximizing the use of space without sacrificing style, ClosetMaid has been a leader since 1965. Through a selection of products, ClosetMaid offers inspiring and versatile ways to incorporate functionality and design into the home. Showcased at IBS, ClosetMaid products like the MasterSuite 27th Avenue system in Washed White pictured below, wisely incorporates a laundry hamper for a polished and practical addition to a closet.

walk in closet

ClosetMaid’s designs are crafted with care, ensuring that every need is met with style and ease. A hidden hamper within the MasterSuite 27th Avenue in Washed White is a chic addition to any home.

Trend 2: The Return of Maximalist Design

One of the hottest trends spotted throughout IBS was the maximalist design, composed of an explosion of bold colors, patterns and styles meant to celebrate individuality.

Often playful and unexpected, the aesthetic strongly reemerged in late 2021 with no signs of cooling off. Maximalism seemed to be a response to the general rising sense of unbearable cabin fever that surfaced during the pandemic. People wanted to express their interests and surround themselves with more of the things they love, in their homes.

Perhaps making a surprising comeback in home decor is wallpaper. Seen in many of the IBS showrooms and in one of ClosetMaid’s closet designs within The New American Home, wallpaper with intricate patterns can easily upgrade any interior into a highly curated, personal space.

Kick it up even further with decorative metal work. Customizable, these geometric metal designs can be a stunning and unique adornment for your walls and were spotted in various locations during the show, from the bedroom to outdoor patios.

Harking back to the gilded age, paint your patterned metal with gold spray paint and apply to your interior walls for a unified, luxurious, modern take on an old-Hollywood look in any room.

walk in closet with lights

ClosetMaid’s MasterSuite system in Natural Blonde is contrasted with wallpaper within NAHB’s The New American Home, creating a personal and high-end touch.

Trend 3: Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Space

The rise of home outdoor spaces as private sanctuaries has become a popular phenomenon, enough so that the home industry has exploded with products perfect for bringing the luxury and comfort of indoor living to the outdoors.

For example, you may see the rise in fire pits, vertical gardens, covered decks and outdoor kitchens at the heart of this trend.

High-quality materials, finishes and amenities are also an important part of nailing the high-end look and feel for outdoor spaces that evoke feelings of organically supplanted interiors.


Give outdoor spaces the lifted, luxurious appearance of sophisticated retreats using quality materials, designs and products ordinarily reserved for home interiors.

Trend 4: Bringing the Outdoors In

It’s no secret, green is in.

Celebrated as the color of the year for 2022 by Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, a soft sage green on the walls of your home evokes a soothing sense of nature and serenity that quietly anchor you to the space.

In addition to color, elements like bamboo, distressed wood and natural stone are on-trend and can be combined with a variety of design styles, from farmhouse to industrial.

Seen at IBS, even live plants are on the table, in some cases, literally!

New interior design formations included unique sections intended for arboreal trees and other low-maintenance plants to be an integral part of the design. From kitchens to living rooms, greenhouse style spaces are cropping up in more places, merging seamlessly into the interior landscape.

green kitchen

Green, lush plant life can boost the serotonin levels within the brain for a mood-enhancing effect, making this a vibrant and on-trend interior design choice for 2022.

Trend 5: Sustainability at the Heart of Home Tech

Some people may think of home tech as simply adding new gadgets or smart features into the home. But building a smart home in 2022 is becoming more about sustainability and durability by addressing the fundamentals like power, light, heat and shelter with consideration for the environment and location of the home.

By focusing on more resilient building practices through the use of solar power, smart heating systems, energy-efficient appliances, cool roofing tech and more, homebuilders are redefining the future of home design.

man pressing futuristic buttons

The future of home design is evolving with an unbreakable connectivity between technology, architecture and construction. The industry has never been more integrated, providing people with an improved user experience available right at their fingertips in their home spaces.

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