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Inspired @ Home

3 Key Design Trends from the 2024 International Builders Show

By: Staff Published: March 14, 2024

NAHB’s 2024 International Builders Show in Las Vegas attracted 76,000 people for three unforgettable days of the best and latest in the home construction and design industry. Each year, ClosetMaid joins in the amazing experience and showcases its best-selling, professionally installed product lines from ClosetMaid PRO, the brand’s professional building division.

This year saw the biggest show floor in 15 years, which included brands showcasing the hottest trends in color, materials, appliances, home tech and services. We’ve highlighted three of our favorite top trends from this outstanding show:

Matte Matches All.

Color plays a major role throughout the show as brands display the most eye-catching and edgy colors on trend to make a big statement, but it was particularly interesting to see matte colors in a variety of applications, including appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators, which are traditionally in gloss finishes. While there were a range of colors in matte on display at the show, it was matte black that dominated all – it was displayed on everything from fixtures, paint, appliances and even bathroom sinks and toilets – you can say goodbye to white and stainless.

black matte bathroom sink
black matte kitchen sink

Matte black shows up in kitchens and bathrooms in unexpected ways.

Named the hottest design trend for 2024 in Forbes, matte black is timeless, reliable and it pairs well with any color or style. On top of the latest trends, ClosetMaid PRO has also introduced new matte black hardware for its top-of-the-line, premium wood system MasterSuite. Offering nine different finishes, the matte black hardware complements the elegance of MasterSuite.

MasterSuite with matte black hardware

MasterSuite is pictured in Natural Blonde finish and timeless taupe accents, modern drawer fronts and matte black handles.

50 Shades of Green

From Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog to a range of earth tones across home design, we’ve seen the popularity of the color green continue to grow over the past few years. Stemming from the desire for a connection to the natural environment, wellness trends and sustainability, 2024 is seeing a wider range of greens throughout the home – bolder and more dramatic, but also helpful in neutralizing a space. Terrarium moss, kale and pistachio are only some of the popular shades of green this year.

Green pairs very well with white or black to create a fresh and modern feel, or it can be mixed with other pops of color like yellow or terracotta for a bolder look. At the International Builders Show, green was on display in appliances, furniture and tiles. Kohler revived three shades from their heritage green color archive to celebrate this popular trend.

green bathtub

Kohler’s “Fresh Green” comes straight from the company’s 1971 archives.

Tiles and Textures

Tiles, similar to paint, can be tricky as it can quickly date a space depending on the latest trends in home design, but they’re also a great way to make a statement and bring personality to the home. Maximalism continues to see a return, and this is evident in the return to color and texture through the use of tiles throughout the home. Not only can you expect to see tiles applied as a backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom floors, but it’s being used to add flair to cabinetry and complete accent walls in creative ways. The use of hexagons, organic materials and abstract shapes and design are also growing in popularity.

decorative tiles
tiled kitchen

Decorative tiles are taking center stage in design this year.

The year 2024 is all about personality, bold statements and beautiful finishes. What trends are you hoping to see take center stage this year?

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