Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Three Inspired Interior Design Ideas

By: Staff Published: October 10, 2022

Interior designer Victoria Moronta believes your home is your sanctuary and her work reflects her clients’ passions and their daily needs. She recently created three mood boards that incorporate ClosetMaid products along with other furniture and accessories. We asked her about her inspired interior design ideas and how anyone can replicate them to suit their style.

Coastal Office

A coastal feel doesn’t have to be literal. Moronta designed this beachy office in dusty blues and crisp whites – without a shell in sight!

ClosetMaid Coastal Office Moodboard

Start with a cool color palette and add furniture, storage and accessories.

“The look can easily be achieved with a simple piece of artwork that reminds you of the ocean and corresponding colors throughout the room,” she says.

Moronta carefully selected all the pieces to achieve the result she wanted. “I love the clean lines of the modular desk. It works really well with the overall calming coastal design,” she explains. “The sandy-colored cubes remind me of the beach!”

ClosetMaid Modular Desk

The modular desk is a versatile piece that works in nearly every decor scheme.

If you’re ready to redecorate your office like this but you want to make a few tweaks, Moronta has some suggestions. You can brighten up the space by swapping out the gray rug for a blue and beige one. For a more beach-like feel, prop artwork that evokes the coast on the floating ledge wall shelves.


Whether it’s your first place or you’re just hungry for a change, decorating your apartment can be fun and challenging.

Moronta advises starting by choosing a color scheme that works best with the existing floor and wall colors if you’re unable to change them. Also consider the lighting in the apartment. Then choose a large piece, a statement rug or a large sofa and work from there.

ClosetMaid apartment design idea

A small apartment can feel cozy and chic when everything works together – from the ceiling to the floor.

“I always like mixing color in with decor like artwork, rugs – items that are easy to change when you grow tired of them,” Moronta says.

For instance, in this apartment design, the rug and artwork can be easily swapped for a bohemian-patterned rug and bold artwork with gold frames, shifting this room from modern industrial to boho.

ladder book shelf

“The ladder shelf is the perfect piece to have in an apartment,” Moronta says. “It’s great for storage or for adding decor!”

When decorating shelves, make sure you’re using pieces that coordinate with the room colors and that can be easily updated to match the season. One way to do this is to fill a vase with spruce branches for the winter months and replace the branches for wildflowers in the spring. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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We spend a large proportion of our weekdays in our offices. Why not make yours inspiring and functional?

ClosetMaid office interior design idea

Storage furniture and shelving help make this office clutter-free and particular to you.

For this office design, Moronta says she was inspired to pull together items that allow for an easy-to-personalize space. “I know sometimes that’s difficult to do with offices,” she acknowledges. “With the use of the floating ledge wall shelves and the wall-mount organizer, there’s plenty of space to add framed artwork, inspirational quotes, family pictures or to display your diploma.”

premium fabric drawer

Premium fabric drawers serve as a more professional, dressed-up version of storage bins.

Do you like the general idea of Moronta’s office design but not the tones? With a couple of simple alterations, you can brighten the space. The 19-inch floating ledge wall shelf also comes in white, and the premium drawers are available in several colors, allowing you to match your office with your personality.

Decorating your home – or home office – doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With these interior design tips and items from ClosetMaid, your dream space is within reach.

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