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Inspired @ Home

How to Organize Your Pet’s Supplies

By: Staff Published: July 8, 2019

Even though they’re usually the smallest member of the family, our pets can overtake the house with their food, treats, toys and grooming items.

Organizing their gear will give you more time with your pets and make your home run more smoothly. We’ve put together a few of the most common problems, followed by their solutions, to help you prepare for the arrival of a new family member or get your current animals’ things in order.

Problem: Toys are everywhere!

Solution #1: Sort through all your toys and supplies. Throw out damaged items and donate items that are still in good condition but your pet doesn’t use (like extra toys or ones that are no longer favorites).


Get your pup’s help putting his toys away in a fabric drawer. [Photo courtesy of Rambo the Puppy]

Solution #2: Hide toys in a decorative fabric drawer. You and your pet can grab a toy when it’s playtime and return it to its place at naptime. Plus, fabric drawers are portable, so you can take them from room to room or even to doggy daycare.

Shop fabric drawers

Problem: You’re always cleaning up your pet’s food.

Solution #1: Build a feeding station that is self-contained and out of the way.


Install a cabinet organizer for pet food storage.

Solution #2: Store food and treats somewhere that pets don’t have easy access to avoid overeating and spillage.

Problem: When it’s time for a walk, nothing is in one place.

mudroom storage

Incorporate the pet’s supplies into your mudroom so you’re prepared for a walk any time of day or night.

Solution: Create a walk station by the door for your dog (or your leash-trained cat). Use hooks for leashes and harnesses and cabinets for other necessities like scoopers, baggies, treats and clothing. A storage locker is an affordable and easy-to-assemble option that has hooks and cubbies.

Problem: Bath time is an ordeal.


Keep shampoos and brushes together in a pull-out basket.

Solution: Make things less hectic by creating room in a cabinet for grooming supplies.

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