Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Three Simple Ways to Declutter Your Zoom Room

By: Staff Published: March 15, 2021

For many of us, virtual meetings have become a necessary part of our work life. While they’re convenient, they can also be stressful if you don’t have a tidy place to log on. We’ve put together three easy ways to declutter your Zoom room so you can turn on your camera without feeling embarrassed.

1. Declutter by making four piles: store, sell, donate, toss.

Be honest with yourself about what needs to be kept or tossed. Recycle or donate items you no longer use to family or friends who might need the items – or give them to a charitable thrift shop, school or other worthy cause.

9 cube shelf

A cube organizer offers display space and ways to stow less pretty items.

2. Give everything a home.

For everything that you decide to keep, designate parts of the home office area for items or tasks that can be grouped together. Make them creative and fun for some visual interest and inspiration.

From creating an organized Zoom backdrop to decluttering the desk area, cube organizers and ladder bookshelves are versatile for any home workspace. Hide those piled papers or unappealing items using fabric drawers for the cube organizers, which are easy to install on floors and walls, and available in various sizes and colors. Objects you want to display can be front and center in the cubbies or on the bookshelves.

zoom room desk

An elegant storage option for your home office, a Modular Closet system is DIY and customizable.

To stow more stuff, a modular system with stackable towers including plenty of drawers and shelves helps keep clutter out of sight — instantly making any home office feel as efficient as a corporate office.

A two-door cabinet is ideal for a command corner where all printing, filing and extra stationery products can live in one place.

tall white shelving

Curate a bookcase’s contents for a functional and attractive virtual meeting backdrop.

3. Create a Zoom backdrop.

Sure, you can use a virtual background but why not give yourself beautiful surroundings in real life? Showcase favorite books, artwork, plants, picture frames or even vinyl records to personalize and style a backdrop for Zoom meetings. You’ll get to enjoy it every day and always be ready for your next online conference.

Besides decluttering your Zoom room, make sure it’s a quiet space, preferably with a door that can keep out kids and pets and their noises. Remember to look presentable, at least from the waist up, and unmute yourself when you want to speak.

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