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Inspired @ Home

Organization for Before and After Thanksgiving Day

By: Staff Published: January 23, 2017

With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the people and things we are most grateful for in our lives. Even so, you might find yourself feeling a little stressed about hosting the meal this year. To help you prepare for Thanksgiving, we’ve put together a plan to ensure you are ready for Turkey Day.

The first and most important thing you can do is get your kitchen organized ahead of time. Plan for more people and stuff in the kitchen on the actual day. Install some of our kitchen cabinet organizers now; they can seriously free up counter space!

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Next, retrieve your extra dishes from storage before Thanksgiving Day. If you have extra baking pans or table settings stored away, track them down and place them in an accessible spot. This will cut down on last-minute searching for table settings or a pan for the green bean casserole.

dining room storage

A sideboard in your dining room can store serving dishes and place settings you don’t use every day. Featured: SuiteSymphony in Natural Gray

After you have your kitchen organized, make sure your head is organized, too. Create a schedule for yourself for Thanksgiving Day, so you know exactly what time the turkey needs to go in the oven, when appetizers need to be set out, when your guests will arrive and so on.

On the actual day, clean as you cook. Account for cleaning time after each dish preparation when creating your schedule. This will keep your sink from overflowing with dirty dishes and help keep your space organized and clean.

washing pans

ClosetMaid Tip: Dish cleaning and drying is a great job that the kids can help with!

Although it may seem like Thanksgiving is over after the big meal, remember to plan for leftovers. According to WalletHub’s Thanksgiving Facts, 53% of Americans dine on leftovers for two to three days after hosting Thanksgiving!

So, stock up on empty food containers and clean out your fridge as much as possible before the holiday to make room for lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.

By following these simple steps, you can have the best and most organized Thanksgiving holiday yet!

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