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Inspired @ Home

How to Merge Households

By: Staff Published: July 22, 2019

When you’re moving in together, taking steps to prepare yourselves and your home will help ensure the honeymoon phase lasts for more than a few days.

Take it from us, communication is key – before move-in day and every day after. Besides this crucial piece of advice, we have compiled four of our favorite tips to cohabitate happily ever after.

Split Closet Space Evenly

If you ever watch those shows where the couples are looking at houses, you’ve heard one of the pair claim an entire closet. Unless you’re lucky enough to have dual closets, you need to figure out how to fit both of your things into the same space.

wood closet system

Devote an equal amount of space for each of you in your bedroom closet. A closet system like SuiteSymphony lets you easily customize your layout.

Do your best to evenly assign hanging rods and shelving. Maybe you will need to store lesser worn or out-of-season clothes in a different area, but your bedroom closet should be able to accommodate both of you equally.

Create Personal Areas

You may be excited to finally live together, but that doesn’t mean you have to – or want to – spend every waking moment in each other’s presence. Everyone requires some alone time. Discuss with your partner how much you need so there are no hard feelings or intrusions. You’ll also both want to designate a room or carve out a place of your own. Depending on the size of your home and your favorite activities, it might be a reading nook or an entire room dedicated to a hobby like music.

craft room with cube storage

Use cube storage to make a crafting corner in any room.

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Store or Consolidate Belongings

Whether you’re moving into a new place or one of you is moving into the other’s house, you probably have more stuff than you need or have room to store. Go through your duplicate items together and decide what to do with the extra appliances, pieces of furniture or other redundant objects – and whose should go and whose should stay.

Once you have sold, donated or thrown out the unnecessary items, you might have to find creative ways to store some of your belongings. Furniture with drawers and doors is one solution. You could also try using storage bags and boxes that slide under beds. Another alternative is airtight storage bins that can be used in attics or garages where the temperature will vary during the year.

built-in storage

A SpaceCreations media center can hide all sorts of nonessential items.

Share Chores

No one should feel like the live-in housekeeper, so create a schedule with chore assignments or decide who will always tackle certain tasks like vacuuming, cooking or scrubbing the bathroom. If you can’t agree or neither of you has the time, consider hiring a cleaning service.

pull out trash can

Taking out the trash is easier when you have a pull-out bin.

We hope these tips help you transition smoothly into cohabitation. If you have any advice to share with us, tag #MyClosetMaid in your before and after move-in photos on social media.

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