Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

How to Declutter Quickly

By: Staff Published: July 12, 2021

No matter how much – or little – time you have to declutter your home, we have a plan of attack for you. You’ll save time and energy instead of wasting it trying to find what you’re looking for on a daily basis and have a sense of accomplishment afterward. So, set aside one hour, three hours or a weekend to get your place in order.

In One Hour

Make your home more welcoming and efficient by decluttering and organizing the entryway. Remove everything from the closet and toss shoes that don’t fit, outdated coats and old pet supplies, among anything else that’s no longer of use.

Corral remaining shoes with a cube organizer that’s nice enough to be out on display or tuck it away at the foot of the entry closet. The Revolution Storage Ottoman can be placed inside a closet or by the front door.

shoe storage

Capitalize on the floor space of your entry closet for shoe storage.

In Three Hours

Get the kitchen in shipshape to help meal prep go more smoothly. With just three hours, you’ll want to focus your attention on the kitchen cabinets. Pull everything out of the cabinets and the pantry, if you have one, and wipe down all surfaces.

Use an organic cleaning solution or a homemade mixture of white vinegar and water to keep harmful chemicals away from food areas.

Throw out expired foods and spices and install a wall rack to display frequently used spices and a pull-out trash bin to better contain the garbage. Each organizer is easy to install and requires only four screws.

For even easier installation, choose storage options that just hook onto or sit on top of your existing wire shelving.

pantry storage

Maximize space in your pantry with the Hideaway Hanging Shelf 3-Pack.

In a Weekend

If you have two days and some DIY skills, give your bedroom closet a makeover. Remove all items and make piles to donate, toss, sell or keep. Once you know what you’ll need to store in your new closet, you can choose a new closet system that can store all your belongings.

Most closets can accommodate a wood closet system starter kit like the 16-inch SuiteSymphony basic organizer. The system comes with three hang rods and a central tower that can be customized with drawers. For larger closets, add a second or third tower system, select a more robust kit such as the SpaceCreations premier closet kit, or create a custom design with one of our online design tools. They will recommend a design that’ll fit your space and give you a full product list to make the process easier.

reach-in closet system

A closet kit, like this Modular Closet one, makes a DIY project simpler.

After you’ve purchased and received your new system, remove the existing system and fill all holes and repaint the walls or hang wallpaper. Then install the new one. If you selected a wood closet system, follow the basic steps in this blog post and the instructions that come with your kit.

Choose one, two or all three projects to improve your home’s functionality.

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