Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

From Home to the Office, 2 New Blogger Projects Tame the Chaos

By: Staff Published: September 23, 2019

When you think about organizing a closet, often the first space that comes to mind is a bedroom. The keeper of constant outfit changes can quickly become a disorganized mess until a more efficient organization system is introduced. But organization doesn’t end at home.

We recently had the chance to partner with two bloggers: Walking in Memphis in High Heels blogger Laura who needed to create extra space in her small bedroom closet, and Olivia Jeanette who needed an office closet overhaul to keep her work life organized.

Walking in Memphis in High Heels blogger Laura showed us her overflowing master bedroom closet and we helped her create an organized space that would fit challenging angles and hold her colorful clothes.

The white Modular Closet system with glass doors for display, shoe racks, plenty of hang space and open shelving was the perfect fit for her small closet.

closet with lots of clothes

The Modular Closet system makes personalizing your storage space easier.

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“With ClosetMaid’s new Modular Closet system, it’s so easy to get and keep your closet organized,” said Laura. “Each piece is super affordable (they range in price from $27.99 to $144.99), looks chic and clean, and it offers design versatility to fit any space.”

After helping Laura organize her new bedroom closet, we began working with New York City-based lifestyle blogger Olivia Jeanette to overhaul her office storage.

Olivia’s workspace closet is used for inventory, office supplies and clothes for photoshoots. The area was quickly becoming cluttered and she needed a fresh design.

To find a closet system as modern, clean and customizable as possible to fit her clothes and office supplies, we designed her new space using a white SuiteSymphony system with modern finishes. Dedicated shoe racks, hang space, drawers and shelves made organizing the clutter that much easier for Olivia and her busy team.

olivia jeanette

Olivia Jeanette’s new office SuiteSymphony closet has dedicated places for everything from pens and paper to shoes and dresses.

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“What ClosetMaid gave us was far beyond what we could have imagined,” Olivia said of her new space. “Now, from our extra pens to our inventory, everything is labeled and has a place.”

Combined, the two projects presented their own unique set of challenges. After working with our design team, we were able to find two closet solutions that helped organize the busy bloggers both at home and at work.

See the incredible before-and-after pictures on the Olivia Jeanette blog. And see more photos of Laura’s transformed closet on her blog.