Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

ClosetMaid Furniture Goes from Dorm to First Apartment

By: Staff Published: December 14, 2020

Professional organizer Barbara Reich and her daughter began the move-in process by sorting through the boxes from home and from Rebecca’s dorm.

For her junior year at Washington University, professional organizer Barbara Reich’s daughter Rebecca was ready to move into an off-campus apartment. The prior year, ClosetMaid had provided furniture for her dorm which could be repurposed and paired with some new pieces to create a mature and modern space.

When the mother-daughter duo arrived in St. Louis, the living room in the new apartment was filled with boxes. Some were filled with items that had been ordered or shipped from home. Others were packed by the school when the pandemic closed down colleges the previous spring. Armed with box cutters, the Reiches spent the first four hours in the new apartment emptying boxes and moving them out of the apartment.

Once the boxes were emptied and the items were sorted by category, the fun began. Barbara used two bookcases, previously split between Rebecca’s dorm bedroom and the dorm’s shared living space, to flank the media stand, creating a wall unit with these versatile pieces. The shelves provide ample room for Rebecca’s books as well as candles, photos and artwork. The drawers of the media stand store cords, chargers and notebooks while the shelves hold books and games.

A new couch by Best Choice Products was selected for its clean and modern look as well as its ability to convert to a bed.

The coffee table with shelves taken from Rebecca’s dorm room provides useful storage. A tray corrals the remote control for the television while games for small gatherings with friends are stored on the handy shelves.

The end table with a shelf, placed in between two faux leather accent chairs and styled with dried flowers, a candle and a game, gives the room more decorative storage.

ClosetMaid’s end table with shelf is a minimal-style piece that offers storage without bulk.

Artwork by Romi Tannenbaum, Romi Jill Art, completes the apartment with sophisticated splashes of bold color.

Here is the final reveal of Rebecca’s new apartment, organized with ClosetMaid storage furniture.

Learn more about Barbara’s work as a professional organizer on her website.

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