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Inspired @ Home

Barbara Reich’s 5 Tips for Being More Organized in the New Year

By: Staff Published: December 27, 2017

Written by guest blogger and professional organizing consultant Barbara Reich.

Every year, so many of my friends and clients vow that this will be the year they get organized. And, despite the best of intentions, organization often falls by the wayside. So, instead of resolutions that are so ambitious or broad that they’re destined to disappoint, here are five simple behavioral changes you can implement to help you stay organized in the new year.

1. Tackle the Tough Task: Do what you dread most first — the rest of the day will run more smoothly without that dreaded task hanging over your head.

2.Stick to a Routine: Get in the habit of doing things the same way every time. If you always put your cell phone in the same pocket of your handbag, you won’t be scrambling to find it each time it rings.

cube bench

A drop zone by the front door will keep you from misplacing keys! Featured: 3 Cube Bench

3. Fight the Onslaught of Paper: Discard all miscellaneous catalogs, solicitations and advertisements you get in the mail immediately. Personal correspondence, bills and necessary financial documents should all go in an inbox, and then should be addressed weekly.

writing desk

Keep paper to a minimum on your desk by sorting the mail and filing documents in a timely manner. Featured: Modular Desk in Black Walnut

4. Declutter Your Digital Space: In your downtime (waiting in line, waiting on hold), unsubscribe from all your digital junk mail. Create an online filing system, so you have a place to put emails other than leaving them in your inbox.

woman writing a list

Before calling it a day, plan for the next day by writing a list of action items.

5. Minimize Stress by Being Prepared: At the end of each workday, make a to-do list for the next day. Knowing what’s ahead of you will let you unwind in the evening and start the next morning in an organized way.

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