Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Organized

By: Staff Published: March 30, 2015

Getting organized is a big task, especially if you have been neglecting it for a while. We know it can be difficult to get motivated, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list that will inspire you to become clutter free – easily! Check out our five ways to encourage yourself to organize any room in your home.

  1. Create an inspiration board. Look through some magazines, Pinterest or just browse online for images of beautiful rooms that you love. Cut them out and pin them onto an inspiration board to motivate yourself to create a space that looks similar to the ones in your favorite pictures.

    organized living room

    Pin your favorite room designs to your Pinterest board or inspiration board.

  2. Turn to TV. Sometimes seeing how the experts help others get organized is helpful and can inspire you to get some work done. For example, watching shows like Tidying Up or anything on HGTV can encourage you to organize and finish that project.

    netflix on tv

    Turn to “Tidying Up” on Netflix or other TV shows about cleaning up or home design for extra motivation.

  3. Give yourself a deadline. Many times, deadlines get people moving quicker on a project. Setting a realistic goal for yourself, such as finishing the basement in three hours, is easier to achieve than thinking you can finish the entire house in a small amount of time. Organizing in small bursts is much more manageable and can help motivate you to get moving!
  4. Have company. Nothing can get you moving faster than knowing people are coming over to your home! We like to impress and show others that we are organized and can maintain a beautiful home, so plan a get-together with some friends to motivate you to get your home looking great again.
  5. Rearrange a room. Rearranging a room is a perfect way to create a fresh perspective. Do a small clean-up of the room before you begin, then move around the furniture, rugs and decorations. When it looks brand new, oftentimes we will want to keep it looking that way and it can inspire you to organize other rooms as well.

white living room

Try reorienting your furniture, replacing some accessories and adding a new piece of art.

Cleaning and organizing probably isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, but it needs to happen in order to have a harmonious home. While getting motivated can be a struggle, you can make it easier and more fun with our five ideas above. Once you start seeing a difference and how beautiful and organized your home can be, you’ll always have a space you love calling home.

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