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Inspired @ Home

9 Laundry Tips and Tricks

By: Staff Published: February 19, 2024

No matter who you ask, laundry always ranks among the top five dreaded chores in the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be as high on your list. We have a few solutions for you and your family to improve your opinion of laundry day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start to love it! (Or at least not fear it.)


Author H. Jackson Brown, Jr. wrote “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” When you apply that philosophy to laundry, it translates into presorting the washing and teaching your family members to do the same.

Young kids can put their dirty clothes into a hamper, and older ones can separate them into lights and darks.

laundry room organization

A hamper on wheels makes collecting everyone’s laundry easier.

Empty pockets and remove any pins, stickers or other accessories from clothing. It’s also a good time to check care labels in case any items should be line dried or are dry-clean only.

Lastly, look for stains so those can be pretreated and possibly washed separately from other items.

Laundry Time

Whether you do all your washing on the same day or spread it throughout the week, an organized laundry space is key to reducing your stress level.

Keeping all your supplies in one place may seem like an obvious solution, but perhaps your setup hasn’t been conducive to it. Simply adding a storage container inside or near your laundry area could resolve the issue.

Try wire drawers, a wall shelf or a door rack, depending on your room and your laundry necessities.

wire drawer organizer

Store detergent, dryer sheets, clothespins – almost anything you need for laundry day – in a drawer organizer.

Get a folding drying rack for those pieces that can’t be tumble dried. It can stow practically anywhere, like between the dryer and the wall, and you won’t have to drip dry your clothes all over the house.

Set your dryer to alert you when the cycle is finished so that you can promptly remove items. This will cut down on your ironing efforts. Set aside anything that does need to be ironed or steamed. Whether you or someone else in the family will see to this task, you want to avoid putting anything back in the closet that’s wrinkled.

Putting Everything Away

Now for the hardest aspect for some of us – returning everything to the places they belong. Who among us hasn’t left laundry in the dryer for a few days to avoid folding and hanging? That’s not ideal, so we have a few tips to make this last part of the process easier.

Give each family member his or her hamper or basket and place that person’s clean clothes in it. You, or the owner, can carry all the clothing to his or her room easily.

Label the inside of dresser or closet drawers to indicate what’s stored in each of them. Young readers can help put their clothes away and learn at the same time.

Use shelf dividers to neatly stack sweaters and shirts.

shelf divider in wood closet

Shelf dividers are an easy way to separate folded clothes.

We hope these nine tips and tricks will brighten your laundry days. Did we forget any of your favorites? Share them with us on social media.

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