Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

4 Easy Laundry Room Organization Solutions

By: Staff Published: August 3, 2022

Your laundry room may be on the smaller side or perhaps a makeover isn’t in your budget, but you know it could use a few organizational tweaks. We have four cost-effective solutions for a more efficient laundry space – whatever size it is or how much you can spend.

Racks and Shelves

Is your laundry room more like a laundry closet? Don’t feel down. Look up! As long as you have a door or an open wall, you can still add storage.

A rack that hangs vertically will keep anything from stain sticks to clothespins within easy reach.

An adjustable wall and door rack can hold most of your laundry supplies.

Wire shelving is another way to increase the capacity of your laundry room without relying on floor space. Plus, the ventilated shelves will help prevent your linens from getting musty.


If you do have room to spare on the floor of your laundry area, a set of drawers could be the perfect solution to your limited storage challenges.

Choose a two-, three- or four-drawer organizer kit, depending on your needs. The drawers can hold and organize items while also allowing you to see what’s there – no more running out of items unexpectedly or accidentally buying duplicates!

Place a wire drawer kit in your laundry room to contain towels, detergent and anything else you might need on laundry day.

If you’d rather hide your laundry supplies, try a wood stackable drawer kit instead. As the name suggests, you can put one set of drawers right on top of another one in case you decide you require more places to put your stuff.

Cabinet Organizer

Are you lucky enough to have cabinets in your laundry room? Take full advantage of them by easily installing a cabinet organizer.

A two-tier organizer doubles the usable space, and the pull-out trays make it possible to reach the items in the very back without knocking over everything in the front.

Pull out your necessary supplies during your next load and then return them to their resting spot afterward with a light touch.

Not handy at all or just renting your home? Skip the installation and place a wire shelf inside your cabinet to give yourself more room.

Ironing Board Caddy

Always stay ready to press a button-down shirt or steam a skirt. An ironing board caddy holds your iron and the board together, so you can access them both in a flash. All you need is the back of a door!

Give your iron and board a place of their own on the back of your laundry room door.

The key to an efficient laundry area is using every inch creatively. Start with our solutions and discover what else you can come up with.

Organize your laundry room today!