Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

4 Ways to Transition Your Home from Spring to Summer

By: Staff Published: June 19, 2017

Temperatures around the country are heating up and that can only mean one thing – summer is here! With warmer months ahead, it’s important to transition your home for the season. We put together some ideas to help you get prepared this year.

1. Get your closet organized.

We can all agree seasonal changes are the perfect time to start organizing, but this year why not challenge yourself to make a capsule wardrobe? By having only 10 to 20 staple clothing items, you can seriously cut down on time searching for an outfit, and add more space in the closet.

light blue open closet

Cull your wardrobe down to mix-and-match pieces to make dressing easier and maximize your storage.

2. Create a summer atmosphere.

Simple ways to welcome the new season include opening the blinds every day and adding a fresh, summer-inspired scent to your home. Another idea is to decorate with pops of color with new couch pillows, flowers and potted plants, or some of our bright and fun fabric drawers.

open shelving with plants

Add greenery to your home to bring a sense of the season inside.

3. Make your home kid-friendly.

Summertime means the kids will be home from school for a few months, which can turn an organized home upside down. Instead of the kids running amok in the house, keep them entertained and organized with our kid-friendly products.

Shop kid-friendly storage

child in room

Give your kids a way to be creative indoors this summer. Our chalkboard toy chest lets them do just that – without sacrificing your walls.

4. Add storage for summer equipment.

Whether you can spend the summer near the beach or camping with the family, it’s important to create a space to store everything that comes with these activities. Move cumbersome items like surfboards, coolers, folding chairs and camping equipment into the garage or storage shed.

cabinet in garage

Garage cabinets and shelving can hold your outdoor sporting gear.

With the right kind of organization, you can refresh and relax this summer in a beautiful space!

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