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Inspired @ Home

Your Guide for Get Organized Month

By: Staff Published: December 27, 2022

As the year begins and everyone is making resolutions, we celebrate GET ORGANIZED MONTH throughout January. It’s a time to say goodbye to the old and outdated, and welcome new ways to store what you hold dear, or just need in your everyday life.

We’re ringing in GET ORGANIZED MONTH with advice from some of our favorite organization experts and tools to help you keep everything in order for the next 12 months – and beyond.

What is being organized?

According to Jessica Litman, The Organized Mama, to organize “literally means to form into a functioning whole. So it’s just making your space functional and complete.”

In other words, don’t strive for perfection or an unsustainable ideal. Find what works for you and your family.

Where should you start?

It depends on who you ask. Our experts offered an array of suggestions, so you can choose which makes the most sense for you.

“The number-one tip we have when it comes to maintaining an organized home is to watch the front door. This means that everything that enters a home is done with consciousness and intentionality,” says Kate Pawlowski, who owns Done & Done Home with her mother, Ann Lightfoot.

cube storage

Keep your entryway tidy by placing a mixed material cube organizer by the front door to corral keys, handbags and other items.

“I suggest starting with a very small space, like a drawer or cabinet and just making some sort of progress. Stop putting it off,” says Shannon Acheson of Home Made Lovely.

Who can become organized?

Believe it or not, everyone has the potential to become tidier.

“Even if organization doesn’t come naturally to a person, they can learn systems and daily habits that will help them create a stress-free environment,” advises Ann Lightfoot of Done & Done Home.

kids' storage

Make it easy for the kids to straighten up their rooms with a storage system that’s just their size.

Even toddlers can pick up after themselves.

“Three-year-olds can help you organize their rooms. Let them! Teach them how to fold clothes and put them away,” Litman recommends.

Shop kid-sized storage

How can you stay organized?

Our organization experts shared their techniques and tips to guide you toward lifelong neatness.

“Folding is the best organizational tool you can use because it’s a skill that you can take with you and doesn’t cost a dime to develop. You can completely transform your space by maximizing the way you utilize your drawers and shelving,” says Janelle Cohen of Straighten Up by Janelle.

drawer divider

A drawer divider helps keep folded garments separated.

Litman offers a tip for what to avoid, and it’s something most of us have.

“Do not keep a junk drawer. Just don’t. It doesn’t serve any purpose other than a dumping ground for unwanted or indecision,” she strongly suggests.

What are the benefits?

They may seem obvious – but you might discover unexpected payoffs. “Don’t be surprised if having an organized home improves your relationships, builds your self-esteem and helps you save money!” says Pawlowski.

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