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Inspired @ Home

Anatomy of a Functional Mudroom

By: Staff Published: November 26, 2018

Mudrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the home and as a result, they can also become the messiest. To ensure your mudroom stays organized all year long, we’ve put together the four storage essentials for a completely efficient space.

Shoe Organization

Every functional mudroom needs a place to store shoes for every occasion. Adjustable shoe shelves are perfect for matching heights with boots, sneakers, heels, flip flops and more. If you need a place to sit to remove and put on your footwear, try a bench or an ottoman with built-in storage.

shoe storage

Having a designated place in your mudroom to store shoes will keep the entryway floor tidier and improve the odds that you’ll always have matching pairs of shoes ready to go.

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Hidden Storage

Small, everyday clutter can create more visual noise in a mudroom than you would think. Instead, keep miscellaneous items like keys, mail and craft supplies neatly tucked away inside drawers.

mudroom storage system

Neatly stow smaller items inside a convenient drawer by the door.

Hanging Space

No matter the season, it’s important to have a dedicated spot in the mudroom to hang all kinds of outerwear. This will also help with the cleanliness of your space by allowing coats or jackets to properly air out all year long.

hanging rod in mudroom

A hang rod or a hall tree prevents piles of coats or jackets on the couch or the back of a chair.

Back-Up Linens

Since your mudroom is the first room you enter, chances are this room will see a lot of outdoor messes. Whether you need to clean off muddy shoes or grassy sporting equipment, keep extra linens in an easily accessible place to tackle the mess before it gets into the rest of your home.

mudroom storage for towels

Wipe the dog’s dirty paws or your wet legs with the help of a spare towel.

By incorporating these four key elements, you’ll achieve a well-organized mudroom that will make your whole home stay clean and efficient.
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