Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Prepping Soil for Planting

By: Staff Published: June 22, 2023


Before you can place seeds, bulbs or saplings in the dirt, you need to complete another step: prepping the soil for planting.

It doesn’t matter if your garden will be in a raised bed or in the ground. The soil still needs to be readied for new life to grow from it. Three AMES tools will help you complete the necessary steps.

First, use a fiberglass handle 6.25-inch forged garden hoe to chop, weed and clear the garden. The sharp, thick blade will make it easier to take care of this task quickly.

Next, you’ll need to till the soil. Tilling breaks up crusted soil to allow water and air to penetrate the ground. It also mixes organic material into the soil and helps control any weeds. A garden tiller will do the trick – and it can work as an aerator, as well.

Lastly, loosen the soil with a 16-tine welded bow rake. Take the time to even the soil to a final grade. Now, your soil is prepared for planting season!

Watch the brief video for details on each step of the process.

View the video.

Bookmark the video for easy reference next year, in case you need a refresher.

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