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Inspired @ Home

Storage Tips for Your Recent College Graduate

By: Staff Published: May 30, 2023

Has your child recently graduated from college? Congratulations! Chances are, though, that your nest won’t be empty. Your young adult will probably come back home, at least for a little while, before flying the coop. How can you prepare your house to accommodate your temporary resident now? And how can your kid get ready for moving into a new place? We’ve got storage tips for your new grad for the exciting transition. Read on.

Storage Now

Whether moving out of a dorm room or an off-campus apartment, your recent grad likely has a lot of stuff that needs to fit into your home somehow.

Assuming you don’t have unlimited space in the attic or a massive storage unit, you may feel overwhelmed at first. Take a deep breath and assess what room you do have. There are likely ways you can take advantage of unused or underused areas.

Slide smaller items underneath the bed in a zip-top storage bag that protect its contents from dust and other allergens.

Expand the existing closet’s capacity with accessories like over-the-door organizers, stacking shelves and hanging baskets.

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Closet Maximizer

A Closet Maximizer instantly adds hanging and shelving to almost any closet. Plus, with no tools required, it’s portable and renter-friendly.

Maybe some items that have wound up at your house are better kept outside of the bedroom – far outside! If the campus-used bike has commuted to the suburbs, hang it on the garage wall so it’s safely off the floor. For bulky items your returning kid doesn’t need now (like small kitchen appliances or sports equipment), put up heavy-duty shelves.

garage shelving

Create your own storage unit by installing heavy-duty shelving in the garage.

The best part about these organization products – besides helping your home stay relatively tidy and corralling all your kid’s things together – is that they’ll serve a longer-lasting purpose. You can make use of them once your grad has left for good.

Storage Later

Once your kid is ready to move into a new place, storage products and furniture will be among the top items on the shopping list.

First impressions matter. Create an entryway out of any space with shoe bench or in a cube organizer by the front door.

shoe bench

A shoe bench keeps footwear in line and creates a place to sit or to set bags.

Storage furniture works wonders in a small space, like your recent grad’s first apartment. Easy-to-assemble bookcases, coffee tables with shelves, storage cabinets and more are the perfect solution for decorating and organizing.

living room furniture

A young adult’s living room can look minimalist and hide clutter at the same time.

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Moving Day

Are you moving your grad to the new place on your own? Invest in a hand truck to be your assistant. Bonus: It folds into a compact size for easier storage – and you can reuse it when your next kid graduates.

hand truck for moving

Be careful to secure all boxes and don’t overload the dolly.

With a little planning and these storage tips, you can help your new grad make the transition from college life to full independence.

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