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Inspired @ Home

Solutions for Your Biggest Clutter Problems

By: Staff Published: March 15, 2024

It happens to the best of us – clutter piles up and seems to multiply overnight. Having solutions for the most common types of clutter can prevent them taking over your home – and challenging your sanity. If your biggest problem involves shoes, kids’ schoolwork, craft supplies or workout equipment, help is on the way. Read our organizational tips below.


Often the first things people take off when they get home, shoes can wind up scattered all over the entryway in no time. Not only is that a tripping hazard, but shoes could get separated. Plus, taking off and putting on your shoes becomes all the harder when there’s hardly any room to stand.

Our clutter solution: Give shoes a storage place right by the door.

shoe storage

Use a shoe bench for seating and storage.

ClosetMaid has several types of shoe organizers, from benches with built-in storage to cube organizers to door racks, to suit your family’s needs and fit your entryway’s layout.

Once you’ve chosen an organizer, make it a habit for yourself and everyone else in your household to keep your shoes in their designated spots. You might also want to assign each person a spot for his or her shoes.

Kids’ Paperwork

Even in our digital age, kids seem to bring home more papers every day – and they pile up quickly, especially if you have a few children in school. Keeping the paper from being strewn everywhere, or accidentally tossed, is yet another challenge of parenthood.

Our clutter solution: Use cube organizers or a drawer organizer kit to hold stacked papers or binders.

cube storage

A set of cube organizers in the kids’ homework area can contain their mounds of paperwork.

At the end of each school year, go through each kid’s papers and decide which ones you can throw out and which you want to keep as mementos. Box them up somewhere safe to look back through years later and reminisce.


Many of us have hobbies that involve creating something, whether it’s painting, making greeting cards or cross stitching. But not all of us have a dedicated craft room, and sometimes, we want to do our projects in front of the TV or somewhere else comfortable.

Our clutter solution: Keep your latest project’s materials in a portable container.

fabric bin

A fabric bin can hold all your necessities for projects like knitting or paper crafts.

If you have multiple projects going at once, devote a different wire basket or fabric bin to each one so you can stay organized and always ready to craft.

Workout Gear

Do you run, play pickleball or perhaps throw the football in the backyard? No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, you have equipment that needs a place to go when you’re indoors.

Our clutter solution: Install heavy-duty shelving in your garage.

wire shelving in garage

Adjustable wire shelving fits sports gear of almost any size, from golf clubs to tennis balls.

If you don’t have a garage, hang shelves near the back door or build out a mudroom with our SpaceCreations or Modular Closet wood closet systems.

Taking control of your clutter problems doesn’t have to create another headache for you. With these easy solutions, you can keep yourself and your family members organized.

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