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Inspired @ Home

Organizing Your Utility Room

By: Staff Published: January 18, 2024

The utility room, by definition, should be the most useful area in your home. But its versatility could cause it to become a catchall – like a junk drawer in room form – if you’re not careful.

No matter what your space looks like, we have your guide to whipping your utility room into shape so it lives up to its name (and makes your life easier).

Dedicated Room

A devoted area for your utility room can be a blessing and also a curse, unless you take control of its organization.

Start by sorting through the items in your current setup. Discard anything that has expired and give away supplies or objects you no longer need. Once you’ve culled everything, group related things together – a few examples: cleaning products, household items such as light bulbs and batteries, and emergency supplies like flashlights and candles. This way, when you need something quickly, you won’t have to conduct a massive search.

wire basket in utility room

Optimize your shelving with a Large Packet Pal. It simply hooks onto your existing wire system and corrals smaller items like steel wool and toilet bowl tablets.

For utility rooms that require new shelving, a wire system works best because it allows for air flow. Look for shelves that have narrow gaps between the wires to prevent smaller items from tipping over or falling through.

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Shared Space

Many people don’t have a separate utility room. It may be part of the laundry room or they might have to create a storage area from scratch. Sound like your situation? We have your solutions!

wire shelving

Hallways and mudrooms – any tucked-away area of your home – can transform into a utility room with smartly placed shelving.

Depending on its location, it could be a perfect spot for your bulk purchases, like a 24-pack of toilet paper, or where you keep your oversized bag of dog food (just keep that on a higher shelf to avoid tempting your pup!).

No open wall space? Not to worry! Even the back of a door can serve your storage needs. Multi-tiered racks or hooks are easy to install and can hold a variety of items, from sponges to spare electrical cords.

hooks with mop and broom

An over-the-door utility hook can hang on the wall or on the back of a door.

Regardless of where your utility room is, remember to take stock of any chemicals or other toxic materials. If you have young children or pets, consider securing the hazardous items somewhere more secure.

With a little creativity and the right tools, you can carve a utility room out of nearly any spare space in your home.

Organize your utility room